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  • November 16, 2017
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[car thing all know 9.6] small displacement car purchase tax concessions or continuation? Sohu – Shenyang car car car the first new media: WeChat 210277699 car "Pepper sister thing" is the car know all peppers launched a news column. Pepper sister every day for the screening of the latest hot news and local 4S shop offers, so that users in the shortest possible time to understand the things in the car circle. "Pepper" headline Special small displacement car purchase tax concessions or the continuation of the automobile association to lobby the NDRC was once Chinese and the following displacement automobile industry association suggested that the extension of 1.6 liter passenger car purchase tax preferential policy, seems to become more clear. In August 28th, has the independent brand car enterprises revealed the news; subsequently, the Automobile Association Deputy Secretary General Ye Shengji also confirmed that the preferential policy extension program has been submitted to the national development and Reform Commission, "waiting for the NDRC news." In October 1, 2015 the formal implementation of the 1.6 liters and the following displacement passenger car purchase tax preferential policies will expire in December 31st this year. If this preferential policy to be able to continue, no doubt will bring a great role in promoting the overall car market next year. At the same time, to adjust the product structure of car prices will also bring no small impact. "Association (Automobile Association) has been submitted to the extension of the policy scheme to the NDRC, are still waiting for news." In August 30th, leaf Shengji cautious. Prior to this, some car prices have been a preferential policy or will continue to implement the news next year. Pepper sister: the news fly! "News" heavy industry "public exhaust door" United States to repair according to the owners choose to repurchase the "Automotive News" reported on August 30th, the United States is involved in "public exhaust door" vehicle owners to provide two kinds of compensation scheme. One is equipped with cheating software Volkswagen repair; another vehicle for repurchase. The latest statistics show that the majority of American owners have chosen the latter. Volkswagen has 475 thousand cars in the United States in violation of the law on pollution prevention, of which about half of the owners have been involved in the Volkswagen compensation program. The solution to the problem by car owners and US regulators includes a cash buyback, or a $5100 plus free repair car. The main plaintiff’s defense lawyer said that in the car buyers involved in the project, about 210 thousand car buyers or hire car buyers choose to buy back. Pepper sister: a little envious of wood? The automatic driving car on the road EZ10 Dubai from September 1st onwards, a driving car will start trial operation in downtown Dubai for passenger ferry unmanned. This car ferry is the French EasyMile company EZ10 unmanned bus. EZ10 there is no internal control device, full load of 12 people, of which there are seats in the 6, 6 people standing, cruising speed of 20km h, the maximum speed can reach 40km H. According to EasyMile broadcast相关的主题文章: