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  • April 15, 2018
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British media: see Chinese college entrance examination scores to determine the potential impact of new money marriage prospects – in reference news network October 15th reported that the British "Guardian" in October 12th published a lengthy article introduced China once a year’s college entrance examination, including test preparation, during the two days after the test and examination of the nervous anxious waiting. Broadcasting British Corporation website on October 12th quoted the guardian article said that the high and low scores determine the chances of life and make money potential. The score is the most important figure in the life of every Chinese child. Although the college entrance examination is competitive in every country, the top universities admit 1/50000 of students in the country, the guardian said. Competition for white-collar workers is very intense, the unemployment rate of college graduates is about 16%, which university students on career choices, and even a direct impact on the prospects for marriage. And this is determined by a factor: college entrance examination scores. The article said that because the gains and losses are so important, fraud becomes a big problem. In order to prevent fraud, the vast majority of the examination rooms are equipped with closed-circuit television cameras, and some even metal detectors. The paper also discusses that the college entrance examination system in China reflects the disadvantages of Chinese education. The article said that the Chinese model has been criticized in the past is to reward machine learning, but now more and more admired by overseas. Within China, there is no illusion that the system is perfect. Examinations are widely criticized for putting too much pressure on children. The disappointment of the college entrance examination is one of the reasons why some of the families in China will send their children to study abroad. However, the vast majority of people still support the college entrance examination, or that there is no other choice. Too many people in China. This is a very common view. The Chinese entrance is called "bridge", a difficult road, everyone must go on. But on this road, some people are better than others. Rich families can provide children with more tutoring.相关的主题文章: