Bloody hacksaw Ling set file 12.8 war and faith passion

"Bloody hacksaw Ling" set file 12.8 war and faith passion collision Tencent entertainment news from the "brave heart" "passion" director Mel Jesus · Gibson surgeon, Hollywood star power to send Andrew · Garfield, Sam ·, Vince · Worthington; Vaughan, Luke ·, Lisa · Bracey Thailand; Parr ink Hugo, · Uighur and other co starred in "bloody war blockbuster hacksaw Ling" officially announced the scheduled December 8th, "the last battle of the Pacific War" broke out. It is reported that the film has been in November 4th the North American release, Ang Lee after the war have bombed seamless docking, big screen, smoke. Judging from the current evaluation of foreign media and film critics, the film to zero rating strong lead. Today, the United States called it "the best director" since Oscar’s best film "brave heart" in 1995". The film is expected to become a monument hall blockbuster landing the mainland screen, will bring a hitherto unknown visual impact and spiritual baptism for the audience. A hail of bullets to save the living faith lone Chi Ling "hacksaw" blood film based on the true story of the battle of Okinawa in World War II as the background, based on the conscience and refused to tell the gun battle medic David Meyer · bare-handed Dawes, broke into a hail of bullets, alone and 75 comrades life story. Fixed gear posters, the helmet was clearly visible through reduced to fragments, David Meyer · Dawes (Andrew · Garfield) alone stands in fire, look dignified. The background scene, still heard the sound of a battlefield, killing, completely not praying, "Dawes, trying to save one another". For many years of absence, Mel · Buji Sen regression and gave a "brave heart" in the film, true to the Okinawa island in the battle of human purgatory scene, in the flames of war, with a strong visual impact, to stimulate the viewer’s nerve. Wars and killings of the ruthless, people adhere to confrontation and faith, in most people’s mind is war suppressed and distorted, with reasonable, can not let go of the host family, steadfast love and never give up the belief, they will back from the ethical edge, began to re-examine the war and faith, to really good the beauty of human nature. Super team effort to build the North American release was honored with numerous Mel · Gibson, "the amazing Spider Man" Andrew "Afanda" Garfield, · Sam · Worthington, "ELF KING" Hugo · "Oscar weaving team", "blood" to the absolute strength and hacksaw ridge advantage steady into the Awards season. The film not only known as "Oscar in the early leader said the Hollywood movie awards won four awards including" best director ", more in the upcoming issued by the Australian Academy of film and Television Arts Awards, with 13 nominations," Australia Oscar "is viewed as a contender for the impact of oscar. In September this year, the Venice Film Festival in the world相关的主题文章: