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"Bestie gate" will let Pu Jinhui fall? Author: Zhao Lingmin issue of the document, there are traces of marks on the document, indicating that Cui Shunshi had made changes. In addition, Cui Shunshi also intervene in the presidential palace source arrangement, a plurality of cronies sent around Pu Jinhui as secretary; Cui Shunshi’s daughter Zheng Yu pull September 2014 to "ride students" identity was admitted to the Ewha Womans University school, but the school enrollment in sports had not "ride a horse", 2014 suddenly set time mysterious; Cui Shunshi established consortium under the banner of Park Geun hye to Samsung and other large enterprises raise money; Cui Shunshi bossy, to demand the documents of the Chong Wa Dae guard be furious…… In October 27, 2016, South Korean prosecutors have been established by the Seoul District Prosecutor’s office of attorney general Li Yonglie as a special group of 14 people responsible for the procuratorial investigation of the case. In recent days, special prosecutors raided the park not only more than trusted residence, also tried to enter the presidential palace in search of Chong Wa Dae, but the latter is to protect confidential information to be rejected on the grounds. In view of Cui Shunshi during the survey in October 31st to deny all suspects, there is the possibility of destruction of evidence, special prosecutors in the evening 23:40 announced an emergency arrest of Cui Shunshi and quasi Cui Shunshi suspects in the long time of detention within 48 hours after that warrant. This series of dramatic changes, park Geun hye’s presidential career pushed to the edge of the cliff. Since coming to power in February 2013, Pu Jinhui experienced Indovina number shipwreck and Prime Minister Li Wanjiu political donations scandal and many test, but this time can change danger into safety, she can get the tempestuous waves, past a huge question mark. Even if she had the luck to get out of the impeachment or early resignation of fate, her image will bankrupt, which is inevitable and many predecessors was spurned and censure, eventually losing the national road. The highborn, always respecting Pu Jinhui, is probably one of the most unbearable and most reluctant to accept the outcome. Park could be impeached? For the opposition, the most realistic choice is to stay on the stage when the park live target, for a year after implementation of the ruling party. Pu Jinhui is the former South Korean President Pu Zhengxi (reigned 1961-1979) 9 year old daughter, moved into the office of the president, spent 18 years Zhongxingpengyue "first daughter" career there, and who took the first lady duty for 5 years. In August 1974, the mother of Pu Jinhui Lu Yingxiu by North Korean agents assassinated, grief Pu Jinhui "over a period of time that a dead-alive person, cannot say sadness". It was also during this time, Cui Shunshi’s father, "Korean missionary religious salvation" founder Cui Taimin appeared, he wrote to park Geun hye, claiming that "the late lady Lu Yingxiu came to me, let me take care of her daughter". In March 1975, park Geun hye called Cui sensitive meeting in Chong Wa Dae. Cui Taimin told the park Geun hye, he has been the soul of Lu Yingxiu, and Lu Yingxiu usually behave perfectly present. These words are for Atheism Education Chinese, more like the weird things but in deep groundless statement.)相关的主题文章: