Benxi cracked the case of the network opened a casino involving 1 billion (video)

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  • November 16, 2017
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Benxi cracked network casino case involving capital 1 billion large online soccer gambling case after 10 months of work, the Benxi police cracked a large network of casino case, 13 Liaoning, Guangdong Ji suspect is arrested, the suspect Moumou was only 34 years old, engaged in online gambling has more than 10 years. The investigation of major exposed major clues to Benxi Public Security Bureau police detachment Criminal Investigation Brigade captain Song Yan said, in 2015, they cracked the governor of 3· 10 large online casino case, "in the investigation we found that Sohn suspects a mysterious friend Wang moumou." "Although it is not judged that the surname Wang Sohn where gang members, but it is also engaged in online gambling." Song Yan said that the police began to monitor Wang moumou. March 2016, the police found Wang Moumou where the network gambling gangs in the province of Shenyang, Dalian, Yingkou, Liaoyang, Benxi and other provinces of Guangdong, Shanxi and other places. After the case was reported to be listed as the national crackdown on gambling crime broken chain action of the first batch of cases. 6 level network gambling to absorb Song Yan said to the surname Wang as the breakthrough point, to the police, Mopai to this network vertex from Chen Moumou, surname Wang and Chen Moumou is offline, the agent dealer. Chen Moumou Guangdong, Shantou, perennial stay in Hongkong, set up a server in Hongkong to open gambling sites, gambling agents in the mainland development site, crazy online gambling. Song Yan introduction, Chen Moumou belongs to the apex of the network company level, the following are divided into the company level, the majority of the shareholders, the shareholders, the general agent level, agent level. The underlying network is involved in online gambling membership, membership has the number of gambling sites, gambling can be directly, you can also attract others betting, the middle layer by pumping water money to make money, the commission ratio can reach 15% to 18%. Dispatched more than and 200 police arrested Song Yan, Chen Moumou at home in Shantou City, "they can understand us talking, and the local people dialogue we couldn’t understand, coupled with the local family and a strong sense of place, handling a lot of resistance." As a former member of the ad hoc group, Song Yan and 11 comrades running the bank every day to check the flow of funds, monitoring the key parts of the ATM machine, do not adapt to diet, do not adapt to the climate, almost rely on instant noodles. But all shareholders, agent Chen Moumou and offline is alert: Chen Moumou stay in Hongkong, not regularly back to the mainland; shareholders and agents are several hand mobile phone, communication, trading with the chat software also changed at any time…… In the face of unfavorable factors, the ad hoc group of funds involved in tracking the reel silk from cocoons, expanding gambling network architecture Chen Gang, Chen Moumou locked at all levels and involved more than and 30 people. Song Yan told reporters, Chen Moumou was arrested, captains Li Guihua and the Nanfen Public Security Bureau Zhang Xin came to Shenzhen in Shenzhen for the port of entry control, do a long Dunshou preparation. The ad hoc group ambush only after ten days, June 20, 2016 10 pm, Chen Moumou in Shenzhen Huanggang secret entry, immediately by the ad hoc group, with important criminal evidence items such as U disk seized in his possession. Hiding in Shenzhen Moumou cowboys and network were also arrested for questioning. Immediately, the task force to mobilize 200.相关的主题文章: