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  • November 16, 2017
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Beijing – VIDEO – money can buy more than 1000 exam answer candidates cheated millions of money can buy more than 1000 million exam answer candidates cheated [comment] the day before, Beijing police destroyed a use to sell exam answers as bait, the implementation of the telecommunications network fraud criminal gangs, 8 suspects by the police escorted back from Hunan to beijing. The case involved more than 1000 Chinese victim, involving nearly 2 million yuan. The evening of August 31st, Shenzhen to Beijing G72 train stops at the Beijing West Railway Station site, 8 wearing a black hood man walked down the car. It is understood that since May 2016, the Beijing police have received more than one alarm said that they received the answer messages in the application of a sale qualification examination, after contact with each other, the other is to pay the fee information, margin by thousands of yuan respectively to million yuan fraud. [paralanguage] Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps investigators (the victim) after contact with each other, pay a fee to buy the examination data, follow each other to him (victim) send an encrypted message, the other to let him pay the risk (the victim) or gold deposit, in order to give him (the victim) password, pay the cost after the other disappeared. In total he (victim) is cheated 10840 yuan. After receiving the alarm, Beijing network security corps and Haidian Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force to carry out investigation work. After careful investigation Mopai, police finally locked the 3 fraud criminal gangs, and in coordination with the police in Hunan, Zengmou and other 8 suspects arrested. [paralanguage] the suspect Zengmou through SMS platform, the others sent to my phone number, send text messages to the candidates, the candidates plus QQ, after we have chat with the person in charge of candidates where (what) such as a 2016 exam questions and answers, people who want to buy hit the money, do not want to people who buy or not, many people do not believe that money after two days before the three day, they sent him questions. (the question is true) are all 7788 from the Internet to send some pictures on the Internet to find some text on the (encrypted file) which was sent to the candidates, (actually you have this question and answer it) never. After the successful interpretation of fraud, Zengmou will be divided according to the different members of the division of labor, according to the proportion of the other cents. [paralanguage] Beijing City, Haidian Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment Bi Bo, they formed a complete industrial chain, has spread the news on the Internet, people have to collect the money, someone in charge of money, come back after someone in charge of money, a complete fraud gang. [voice over the same period, the suspect had a front can not remember, 7788 add up, and sometimes earned on the flower, earned on the flower, about one million of the total must have a. [commentary] at present, the 8 suspects have been Beijing police criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation in Haidian. Reporter Zhang Nan Beijing reports相关的主题文章: