Beijing NPC and CPPCC for new prescription to cure haze

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  • March 9, 2017
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according to the Ministry of environmental protection air quality monitoring and forecasting analysis, 15 to 18, in central and southern Beijing, Tianjin and Shandong, Henan, some regions will be a regional heavy pollution process. Under the unified guidance of the Ministry of environmental protection, the city has started from 13 onwards related warning, Beijing heavy air pollution warning at 0:00 on the first day of 16, yellow.

is being held in Beijing two sessions, how to deal with haze is also a hot topic. The government announced the haze rule, a number of CPPCC members on the risk of heart and lung in order to have the expertise, prescription.

in heating season in northern provinces frequent heavy air pollution in the city, vice chairman of Beijing municipal Party committee, Chinese Democratic League of Beijing municipal CPPCC members, the State Council Development Research Center of resources and Environmental Policy Research Institute deputy director Chang Jiwen suggested that the atmospheric environment quality evaluation and assessment key annual 1 – March and 10 – December, the establishment of heating season high emission the list of classified management of enterprises managing the production as soon as possible.

according to the fourteen session of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, the five meeting of the Beijing municipal government announced in 2017 the work report, this year, the annual target of PM2.5 concentration of 60 micrograms / cubic meter. Is being submitted for consideration on the implementation of the 2016 budget in Beijing and the budget (Draft) report in 2017, this year, Beijing will arrange 18 billion 220 million yuan of funds to control air pollution.

vehicle emission is the largest pollution source of PM2.5 concentration in Beijing. According to reports, in order to achieve the annual target PM2.5 concentration in January this year, Beijing city has sixth stages of the supply of gasoline and diesel, annual will be the elimination of old vehicles 300 thousand, promote the implementation of the six loop heavy-duty diesel vehicle limit line, the implementation of the "control" the low emission zone, non road mobile machinery prohibition does not meet national III standard in the designated area of the use. The bulldozers, excavators and other construction machinery and large tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Chang Jiwen believes that the relief methods available to optimize the city management and solve the problem of regional haze, in the most resolute attitude to perform the development and utilization of city boundary system, optimize the traffic, alleviate traffic jam, reduce traffic emissions, and suggested that the experience from New York, along the existing subway, subway station is fast, only focus on solving traffic the tide phenomenon.

according to reports, this year Beijing plans to shut down exit 500 polluting enterprises and general manufacturing industry, the completion of 10 thousand tons of low nitrogen gas boiler steam reforming, remediation clean-up 2570 "scattered pollution" enterprise; continue to Yajian coal, 700 village coal to clean energy, six districts of the city and the Southern Plains area basically no coal "and the clean energy transformation of 4000 tons of steam coal fired boiler.

Beijing municipal CPPCC members, China University of Petroleum, oil and gas field of pollution prevention, Professor Zhang Qiangbin said that the atmospheric particulate pollution sources and complicated, need to set up a pollution, two pollution control combined multi pollutants, pollution source cooperative control concept.

Zhang Qiangbin recommendations for composite;