Beijing board of Education asked to touch the row of plastic playground runway has been

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  • April 16, 2018
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Beijing board of education requires to touch the runway row plastic playground has removed the original title: the City Board of education requires further investigation of JINGWAH plastic playground Times News (reporter Ren Shan) yesterday, the city’s primary and secondary school around the corner, Beijing City Board of Education issued a notice on the good work of the fall semester 2016, the requirements of the District Board of education for primary and secondary schools, kindergarten playground again touch the existence of hidden rows, we must resolutely disposal. After the eradication of the playground in September 1st before the school must be restored in place to ensure that teachers and students can be carried out after the start of normal education and teaching activities. The City Commission stressed in the notice, concern for the outside world "playground", District Board of education should be combined with their own situation, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government office, the area of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens plastic playground for further investigation, the existence of hidden dangers to resolutely disposal. Prior to the Xicheng District Baiyun Road, two small experimental children appear nosebleeds, cough, rash and other symptoms, in June 17th, the Xicheng District board of education for the demolition of the second experiment, Baiyun road playground. According to the Municipal Education Commission "on the primary and secondary plastic sports venues to eradicate the transitional measures and summer renovation work notice" requirements, the District Board of education to the eradication of the playground in transitional restoration, to ensure the normal education and teaching activities of teachers and students after school, must be in place before the start of the September 1st recovery. In addition, the District Board of education should guide the school to strengthen the safety use of teachers training and safety education for students, scientific and rational organization of educational and teaching activities, to ensure the safety of students. City Board of education stressed that the District Board of education and schools to carry out a comprehensive investigation and security risks before and after school, on the security risks found immediately for rectification, and combined with the area and the actual school, the teachers and students of the "first class" safety education activities, including education of traffic safety, fire safety, food safety, prevention of congestion stampede, drowning prevention and other aspects, to ensure the effect. – visit Baiyun road primary school playground for all tiles JINGWAH Times News (reporter Fan Rui) this summer, the second experimental primary school in Beijing Baiyun Road Branch (hereinafter referred to as Baiyun road primary school playground) odor problems caused widespread concern. The day before, Baiyun road primary school playground has been implemented and odor removal, have been covered with grey permeable bricks. Reporters learned from the Baiyun road elementary school more than the parents of the students, the school had in August 21st to organize the parents to the school after the rectification of the campus environment. Go to school more than parents said, the school playground is covered with grey permeable bricks, the corridor before the plants, each classroom there are two fan and an air purifier. "There’s basically no smell in the classroom." A two year old student’s parents told reporters. August 20th, Baiyun Road Primary School has published "of a letter to parents in the school’s official website, the letter referred to a total of 271 parents participated in health consultation group of medical experts, a total of 118 students of medical review, of which 23 passengers students seek expert medical assistance. In addition, the school said it would organize the first to six grade students to the children’s Hospital for physical examination. For the rectification after security issues, the school said after testing, air quality and air quality within the campus, all prop相关的主题文章: