Before the Spring Festival in Fuxin to visit the fire door, old Han you can live this year

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  • March 18, 2017
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September 2016, a fire will be caught off guard Liaoning Fumeng eight shijiazi Township fifty-five year old farmer Han Wenzong’s house burned, not only did not burn all the supplies, furniture food, also nearly destroyed his confidence in life.

his difficulties aroused social concern of love and help, especially Fuxin love house public interest groups to help, brought clothes, bedding, food, furniture and appliances for him, for his contributions to 14 thousand yuan, to help him out.

Spring Festival is coming, and now how old Han? He still makes people Guaqian, the 28th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar (January 2017 25) with several loving people drove more than and 70 kilometers to eight shijiazi township near Inner Mongolia’s remote visiting old a.


visit old Han sponsored by a lot of people love, everyone in the WeChat group charitable donations more than one thousand yuan, commissioned to buy some goods for life and special purchases for the Spring Festival old Han family, hope he can have a good year. We bought him some meat and vegetables, and bought some other articles of daily use and food.

has a caring person who bought a new dress for his granddaughter, and put on his coat.

The two couples

old Han with eight year old granddaughter live together after the divorce and his son get married and have children now live in town, seldom come back. Inner Mongolia also has a son daughter-in-law remarried, old Han said some time ago the old mother to send to the children living, the mother and daughter crying in a complete mess…..

Liu Yan to Fuxin, which has a barbecue shop in the name of the old man alone to buy rice, flour, oil and other daily necessities.

I put the sponsor of the balance of 1200 yuan to the old man, he repeatedly expressed his thanks, saying that if we do not have all the help, he can be finished, not to mention the new year, may be frozen to death".

old Han has now got a good house, he said a total of 50000 yuan to repair the house. After the fire to help relatives and friends of 6000 yuan, Fuxin, who gave him a love of $14000, he sold corn $10000 ($30000), and no other source of funding. Now less repair rent 20000 yuan, the new year, he can not give people, turbato…

is now home furniture, household appliances are almost all caring people to donate, this time specifically to give him to buy a kitchen knife, panels, boards, old Han said not what’s missing, but he missed a lot, but no money to buy.

I think Lao Han is still worn, asked him why he did not wear old clothes, do not like it? He said that all good clothes, like, but every day to work, can not bear to wear, "wear blind;