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Baked Scallion Pancake, British people and the hamburger mad… Original title: Baked Scallion Pancake, British people and the Chinese steamed mad…… This is a steamed stuffed bun. Mow (Gua) package is white and soft dough, wrapped juicy chunks of meat, crisp collocation spicy pickled cabbage, sprinkle with chopped peanuts fried a lot now. Zhang Erchen can’t remember. This is what she did today. She could only remember, that one can open mouth, a mouth smile and the flow of oil, swollen, very satisfied. Like this, grinning buns. Today is the weekend。 Under a light rain on the streets of London, faded past loud, quiet a lot. Only, the morning of the steamed stuffed bun TanQian, still a bustling scene. From the opening of the morning, less than 4 hours, has sold at least a thousand buns. The excitement of foreign visitors, lazy London · · · everyone holding the umbrella Paiqichanglong, some have been waiting in the rain for 30 minutes! "This is not a hamburger Oh", "this is not a hamburger Oh", "this is called bun oh." Taiwan sister er Chen know, few people understand these, and few people care about its name. But she still stubbornly to everyone, everything about the bun introduced. The nickname "tiger bite pig" bun, Taiwan ancient snacks, is the taste of home, is the emotional home, morning memories. 2012, the morning of the Royal College of Art in England, graduated successfully. The destination of the graduation trip is located in Taiwan. This is a three personal travel: Seoul Seoul, morning morning boyfriend Zhong Xing, er Chen future sister-in-law, Zhong Xing’s sister Zhong Weiting. Three people close and open in the streets of Taiwan "ring to eat". When a moment to eat bun, eat three people look at each other indecent, invariably laughed. This is a steamed stuffed bun that can make people laugh. They immediately decided to return to London, also opened a can make people laugh buns. Three art student becomes, "the steamed stuffed bun maker". The art of excellence, but also reflected in the small steamed stuffed bun. Three young people in every detail and food vendors, qinliqinwei. Handmade milk soup stewed meat, pasta, personally, pickled cabbage, fried peanuts, coriander powder, cut embossed · · · even the signs also have a unique style of illustrations, the Royal College of Art, the professional design department of Zhong Xing, personally designed. The original Bao Bar, can only sit a few people. The bad weather, so we can enjoy the delicious shivering in the cold. Three individual teeth, out of all the budget, the area expanded 3 times, adding 25 seats. Bao Bar gorgeous turn into a maximum of thirty people, BAO restaurant. In every corner of the restaurant, there are three people. Taiwan wooden elements to create fresh wind, concise generous store design · · · in addition to the classic pork bun, they also launched a variety of creative bun. Chinese flavor, oil seal pork bun. Spicy and delicious, cumin lamb shoulder bun. Combination of Chinese and western, fried chicken.相关的主题文章: