Attention should be paid to the rehabilitation of facial plastic

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  • March 3, 2017
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Attention should be paid to the rehabilitation of facial plastic – Sohu health

facial plastic surgery, which is commonly referred to as the "cut jaw angle", "fill the nose", "shrink cheekbones", "chin chin," such as a class of plastic surgery. There are many for the United States at the end of the operation, do not know what should pay attention to, also do not know how to help the recovery, which leads to some problems, and even affect the postoperative recovery, even affect the treatment effect, but suffer "beauty" is not completely.

usually I am busy, the recovery period and asked where I answered where, sometimes there are flaws, I recently by postoperative attention often ask some questions to the point and the patients are summarized, for the United States to help you get a better operation effect.

mandibular angle surgery, the mouth is often a taste, how to do?

facial contouring surgery for intraoral incision, postoperative patients often mouth is not easy, thus ignoring the oral care, so after surgery should wash gargle, gargle with that sooner or later two times, each time after eating warm boiling water gargle. In order to breath fresh, but also to ensure a good wound healing.


the head how should we wear?

after surgery, we will usually inform the United States who wear headgear to complete facial compression bandage, good compression bandage is conducive to swelling and late early muscle reattachment, therefore, after January, long-term wear caps, every 2 hours to relax for 20 minutes; (this should be prescribed. Because the various operating positions need to adjust the time after January) according to the recovery of wear time adjustment;


operation is doing well, the swelling is also very smooth, but why postoperative to "starve"? Does it have anything to do with the wound?

facial contouring surgery because of intraoral incision, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the wound healing, we need to eat more cautious, generally after the diet should pay attention to light, to fully rest, avoid alcohol and spicy tired; the main early liquid diet, but also can be cut into the end of the spoon to take food for 2 weeks; can be semi liquid diet (noodles, huntun); 4 weeks into the normal diet, diet from beginning, but not so excellent food; short term "starve" you are to have a better effect after operation. For beauty’s sake, let it be.

operation completes half a month, I do not open mouth now, how to do?

mandibular angle surgery due to postoperative masseter muscle swelling, so the early opening is small, with swelling of the mouth, gradually become larger, suggest that after 2 to 3 weeks to start training from small to big, big mouth, gradually, until the opening size of two and a half or so;

when can I brush my teeth, I don’t brush my teeth,


after the general operation, the intraoral incision was restored well