Anhui Hongcun a land of idyllic beauty quest like a flow of ink painting…

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  • March 14, 2017
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Anhui of Hongcun was built in the Southern Song Shaoxi years (1131 AD) has more than 800 years. The whole village mountain with water and built the village to Castle Peak for the barrier, into the natural landscape and cultural landscape as a whole, like a landscape scroll, therefore known as "Chinese painting village".

Hongcun buffalo shaped, from east to West well-proportioned buildings like the huge cattle body, moon shaped pond village gathering natural spring water and storage into the shape, such as cattle and cattle gastric intestinal canal, and finally into the south of the village like tripe lake. Because of the spiritual water, other than Hongcun Huizhou village more attractive.

at the center of the village pond built in Ming Yongle (AD 1403), when the villagers found the village there is a natural spring, summer and winter spring out, so in the center of the village will spring into the pond was built for fire and drinking.

villagers drying bacon become a scene of Hongcun, a salted ham sun a month can be eaten, but not a few years metamorphism.

the plump goose couple lived on Fen River, sent the nickname "the goose". In the background of Huizhou architecture and the formation of Jiangnan month, Hongcun goose couple will embellish beauty to the extreme, a painting sketch of the love, but also photography enthusiasts spare material.

palus perennial green pond, women Sha level as a mirror, wash the dishes, children play play.

village is well preserved Ming and Qing Dynasty more than 140 residential buildings, is located on the opposite of Wang’s ancestral hall was built in the Ming Dynasty.

Chengzhi hall built in the Qing Xianfeng five years (AD 1855), is the late Qing Wang Dinggui residential merchants. The building is a wood structure, wood carving decoration magnificent.


Wang Dinggui donated a business rich "five two" one, and then put the door hanging on the ingot into a character. Because in his opinion, compared to the high status of official business. There are two black windows in the attic is used to miss the blind, the use of optical principles, downstairs was blind man can not see the appearance of miss upstairs.