Analysis Florence serie a comeback victory over rival Sohu crycry

Analysis: Florence serie a comeback victory over rival Florence VS Sohu – Serie A: Crotone game time: 2016 Thursday 10.27 02:45 asian handicap: 1.04 Florence 1.75 0.82 European index: 1.20 prospective Crotone 5.60 10.20 events: Thursday’s Serie A express troops played in Florence in Serie A steady development, they should take into account the Europa League game this season, task it is quite heavy, but this is not an excuse for poor team record. To participate in the European war is the glory of the players, but also a manifestation of the ability of the club. The team’s recent UEFA Cup victory over League the same state has improved recent stride forward singing militant songs. The war they will usher in the league the weakest opponent Kroto Hei in the home court, the team scored 3 points in the home court should be as sure as a gun. Although Kroto Hei sign in Serie A, but the club is recruiting, and certainly not the strength of Serie A match. League start of the 1 flat 8 negative has so far failed to achieve a battle, it seems the team is serie a round tour after the return to Serie B game. The two teams in recent years no record, overwhelmed by touch belongs to encounter. Analysis of the ball for position: the disc for Florence to make 1.75 deep dish, this is also the season for most of a home court disc, the data also reflects the real gap between the teams, although the recent two war Crotone win, but they are losing, they still weak in strength, the recent Florence back on track, optimistic about the home court victory over fiorentina. SMG recommended: 3 Asian recommended: Florence相关的主题文章: