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  • November 16, 2017
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The "secondary" will be the first satellite launch rocket — technology — original title: the U.S. company "second-hand" rocket to the first satellite launch Xinhua news agency, United States space exploration technology company recycling "used" the Rockets finally have the first user. The company in August 30th with the European satellite company announced, will use a recovery after Falcon 9 rocket launch geostationary satellite. The two companies said in a statement, the launch in the fourth quarter of this year, the European satellite company SES-10 satellite to the geostationary satellite in orbit, after running for Latin America and the Caribbean provide communication services to users. The statement did not say the specific time of launch. Space exploration technology company chief operating officer Gwen? Schott Maxwell said: "put a load had been sent to orbit rocket launch again, is an important milepost to fully and rapidly reusable road." Martin, chief technology officer of the European satellite company, said: "we believe that the reusable rocket will create a new era of space flight."." Over the past few years, the European satellite corporation is an important supporter of space exploration technology company. SpaceX’s first commercial satellite launch activities, is the 2013 European satellite company launched a communications satellite SES-8 in March this year, using the Falcon 9 rocket launch satellites SES-9. Now, satellite SES-10 will support the first launch of the used rocket. Since last December, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket has completed 9 launches per launch attempt to reclaim the first stage rocket, the 7 sea successfully recovered 4 times, the other two on land recovery were also successful. The first stage of rocket recovery is to develop reusable launch vehicle. Traditional rockets are disposable, once the recycling can be reused, it is expected to reduce the cost of launch. (Lin Xiaochun) (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: