Alcohol is associated with cancer Can finally open and aboveboard to drink in the two……

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  • March 3, 2017
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yeast cells, known as early eukaryotic organisms, are often used as models for human cells to find genes that play an important role in complex cellular pathways.

in the wine industry, the production of alcohol is also a large number of yeast, which in the process of converting sugar into alcohol plays an irreplaceable role in improving the rate of wine.

wine is worth more than you think

The key of autophagy gene has

in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and autophagy can remove metabolic residue deposition, associated with various diseases including cancer, from this perspective, there is a big drink anti-cancer benefits! See here, to read the key, this can finally open and aboveboard in front of adults to drink two wife……

in fact, in the traditional theory of Chinese medicine, wine, there are hundreds of drugs long said, reasonable use can effectively increase the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. According to records, wine has "blood powder moisture", "drug potential, kill 100 evil gas, in addition to the wind under the gas" and "appetizer food", "warm stomach, wind and cold", "stop waist and knee pain" etc.. Therefore, moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial to the body.

liquor, for example, different brewing methods, there will be a variety of compounds, in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, antibacterial and so will have a corresponding role. It is because of the different brewing process, different raw materials, liquor with different flavor and category, to health benefits will be different. Of course, the pure grain fermentation is a good choice for the health food.

so, in addition to liquor has the rich connotation of Chinese culture, there are many good health effect, not really underestimate usually drink a little wine, there is great inside! But the liquor brother want to say, not all wine related cancer! Drink, or drink wine, drink to drink wine or food!