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  • November 18, 2017
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After cooling the crazy stone huanglongyu 12 years metamorphosis of the ornamental gold group "treasures" sculpture group silver "Apocalypse" silver "rebound a bumper grain harvest sculpture group of Dunhuang dance music Pipa" buy gold group "ornamental stone carving" at the opening of a fine view of the mountain gold group Longling "Jiangshan infinite beauty" carved gold group "with Avon spring Pavilion music" seventh jade dry cup huanglongyu carving contest yesterday. From 2004 to now, gradually rational, huanglongyu experience, can be described as twists and turns. From nameless to famous, from disorder to order…… Experienced 12 years of development, from the operator, the engraver to consumers about huanglongyu future, they saw little previous instant success, some more clear. From the unknown to the famous 2004, a construction team building in Guangxi Longling Qiezishan reservoir found a stone out of the ordinary, the color looks and Guangxi Hezhou yellow stone, hence the name "yellow stone". It was a lot of local people do not understand, do not know whether to hire villagers. Longling go back, back 100 pounds 30 yuan, you get a basket with stone, line up weighing, did not feel is worth. Even pulled to Guangxi and other places to sell, 300 yuan a tractor, cheap to incredible." About huanglongyu discovered history, Longling huanglongyu development management service center, former director, vice president of Longling huanglongyu Association Yang Benda told reporters that the original villagers even huanglongyu paving stones for homestead scraps and village road. This phenomenon is not difficult to imagine, as everyone knows, a jade from being found to all sought after, take a long time. This period of time, with a few decades of jade, Hetian jade has experienced nearly a hundred years of growth". "Yellow stone can actually make money." A mass ten, ten hundred, found this stone stirred the calm Longling County, stampede in foreign businessmen. By analysis, the so-called "yellow stone" belongs to the rare jade minerals, with jade hardness and jewels, and Hetian jade exquisite jade, Shoushan stone and Tianhuang rich and colorful. Then, around the local name, after a tangled and argument, from Long Huangyu, Longling jade, finally determined called huanglongyu". "Yellow" because of its color, "dragon" by digging in longling. "Huanglongyu, confirms the jade Yunnan say more to fill the gaps in the domestic jewelry warm colors." High evaluation of huanglongyu Yang Benda. From disorderly to orderly growing fame, huanglongyu prices also grow with each passing day. In Longling Huanglong public trading center next to the open market, there is a wealth of Myth: when a provincial tricycle, with 300 yuan started speculation huanglongyu, it took only 5 years to fry millionaires. The millionaire where nowadays has been unable to research, but from the beginning of 2004, especially in 2009~2011, similar to the legendary wealth more and more. "Huanglongyu is crazy stone, can’t say crazy." Huanglongyu businessman from Fujian Dai Anfu said. Dai Anfu junior high school相关的主题文章: