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Travel-and-Leisure "The thirst for adventure is the vent which Destiny offers; a war, a crusade, a gold mine, a new country, speaks to the imagination and offer swing and play to the confined powers." quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson. The passion for knowing the unknown and seeing the unseen is innate in man and since the inception of civilizations, mankind has always interested himself to explore and engage in adventurous activities. India is a land of cultural diversity and geographical extremes with mountain ranges, rivers and water bodies, forests and deserts. Known for its unity and homogeneity amongst diversities, India offers a great scope for adventure tours and travel. Whether it is amongst the soaring heights of the Himalayas or the Vindhyas, harsh deserts of Rajasthan or the cool waters of Kerala, you have ample opportunities to explore the various areas and satisfy your adventurous zeal. Some of the major adventure activities you can indulge into include mountaineering, mountain-biking, river-running, trekking, rafting, jungle safari, camel safari, yak safari, nature walk and many more. Mountaineering in India dates back to historical times. For the mountain-climbers there are a wide range of options like the Himalayas, the Vindhyas, the Sahyadri, the Aravallis and many more. Rafting, canoeing and kayaking in full moon night through the Himalayas may be an experience of a lifetime. The national parks of Namdhapa and Kaziranga are great places for nature walk and eco tourism. India has become one of the top tourist destinations and with the increasing number of travelers visiting various places in India from India itself and abroad popped up a number of travel and tourist agencies all over India. Most of the tour operators India work in the same way by providing professional assistance to travelers by booking air or rail tickets, arranging proper luxurious lodging, fooding and escorting as tour guides wherever necessary. To plan for adventure tours, the best and reliable place you should knock at is T2 India Travel offers alluring package tours for adventure travelers and you get the liberty of choosing from a wide range of options suiting your passion and fervor. We offer the best and hottest deals and if you are suppressing your interests and enthusiasm in fear of heavy expenses, this is the right place for you. All our tour plans and packages are affordable, at competitive rates. Visit and set to go for an adventurous vacation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: