A street running girl who ran away……

  • hanson
  • March 18, 2017
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Chinese in the city’s streets, always cold, no matter how bright the building was covered with gray haze, like dusty Western painting, painting the time to smile, once hung in there, forgotten like, lifeless.

in Ji’nan street, is so bleak, can always see a carrying old wooden running street girl, habitual Hoodie hooded, let a person can’t see her face.

she ran across the pavement of the leaves of the Indus, ran through the cracks in the concrete alley, ran across the corner of the old old pier, ran through the stick in the concentric circles inside the sewer manhole covers in 1984.

the old wooden box she carried was old. What’s in it? Is it the weapon of the world? Or is she a device designed to make a living?

when she was running, she was suddenly attracted. She stopped and looked at her carefully. Then she squatted down and opened the wooden box…..

?? It turned out to be a box full of colored chalk. It was a quiet place on the streets, and those who came and went in a hurry, never looked up at the sky and never looked at the corner.

she is a magical girl, she is always in the place you do not pay attention to grow a surprise.

of the three wild grass boy, two in the chat, a neglected some small temper.

stood on the chain and sang the birds

send a surprise to the sweetheart of the little mouse, but also intimate to write "NO CATS"

envy of ordinary life of dragon

alone playing with his tail green lizard

pink pig flying and flying in the sky, to visit the imprisoned friends little green demon.

a small autistic mice, opened the door to the streets of the fun to go to school a small partner.

you’re holding my head!!!!!! I’m a demon from the tiny world!

my heart at ease, sleep, I sleep in the bud.

come on, come on, I use small earthworms to tease you, I would love to hook.

I am not happy, I am not happy, you pull my hair!!! ;