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  • April 16, 2018
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A nine year old man open burning fire spread burning tour bus – weed Beijing, Beijing, 13 September, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that a 92 year old man surnamed Zhang in Tainan funeral home near the space today set fire to weed, did not expect a sudden self Museum blowing wind, the fire of four grass scattered, unable to fire caused by old man the flames spread to the next tour, a 6 million yuan (NT, the same below) to buy the car completely destroyed, the other a slightly damaged side. Tainan City Fire Bureau sent rescue, but when firefighters arrived at the scene within several tour buses have been on fire, too late to rescue Zhang Wengyi, police suspected arson crime of public danger too sent to do. Tainan City Police Bureau six police station director Dalin Zhuang Haisong said that the fire is the grassland public, many nearby residents would hoe farming Vegetable & Fruit Zhang Weng is probably going to burn weeds, as fertilizer. The old man’s daughter said, near their house, and many residents are in preparation for some vegetables. The tour bus driver said, this car is used to shuttle students to and from school, the students go to school after the morning after loading parked on the lawn, did not expect the fire side for weed spread, less than half an hour to burn, the bus car is about 6 million yuan, with 5 years still an estimated value of 3 million 500 thousand yuan. Tainan City Fire Bureau Service Center received a report this morning, the municipal funeral guide area beside the National Road Lane open fire, because the wind to help the fire spread, burned to a stop on the grass on the tour bus, when firefighters arrived at the scene a bus has been smoldering smoke, firefighters with a fire axe and broken windows, after half an hour extinguish the fire.相关的主题文章: