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A dog ran Suzhou cleaning auto trigger street Kuangou Beijing – a woman wearing a hand grabbed the man’s left hand sanitation workers clothing, a man wearing jeans to dustbinman man face gave a punch, two mouth kept cursing, then head broken blood the sanitation workers cannot fall to the ground. In October 24th, this terrible scene occurred in Suzhou historical and cultural blocks – Pingjiang Road. What is the enemy what hatred, let sanitation workers are such beatings? It is understood that it was Pingjiang road cleaners He Yanlong, because He Yanlong clean the car almost hit the other pets, the two sides match into fists. Currently, the police have been involved. Yangzi Evening news media reporter Yu Suyun video crazy turn Pingjiang road cleaning staff knocked on the morning of 25, Suzhou circle of friends is a small video scraper. In the picture, a woman hands clinging to wearing a dress of the man’s left hand sanitation workers, another man wearing jeans at dustbinman face gave a punch, the men and women he was still swearing, beaten sanitation workers fell to the ground, the video was visible there are a lot of blood, sanitation workers face. In addition to this small video, as well as the public took another video. The video, the crowd has gathered a lot, quickly blocked the path, the auxiliary police have rushed to the scene, suspected of being called to report the situation. And hit men and women did not run away, the woman will be a garbage tongs to a man. Next to them, there’s a free black teddy. According to the surrounding environment in the video, a lot of people recognize this thing happened in the name of Suzhou’s historical and cultural street – Pingjiang Road. Sanitation claim each other to open the abuse, the two sides altercation on the morning of 25, the Yangtze Evening News reporter contacted the Pingjiang sanitation, confirmed that the video was hit man of Pingjiang is indeed a cleaner way. The incident occurred at 9:50 on the evening of October 24th, was beaten by He Yanlong, 59 years old this year. Sanitation official said, after understanding the incident at the time, He Yanlong was working on the garbage in Pingjiang Road, when he was driving a green car cleaning to Pingjiang Road No. 208 door, met a couple in Pingjiang on the dog, the dog did not wear a traction rope, almost hit He Yanlong cleaning car, fortunately He Yanlong promptly stopped the car and tell them to move through the pet. Who knows, the other side to open abuse, caused by the two sides quarrel, a terrible scene took place, the other two couples began to add to He Yanlong He Yanlong fist, beating the head broken and bleeding, until it fell to the ground unconscious. Onlookers have accused the couple of atrocities, but the other has said, even to mediate the masses, the masses around the police immediately, and He Yanlong fell to the ground unconscious protection. What happened then take a look at the surveillance video did not wear a dog leash dog was almost hit by a car cleaning 25 afternoon, the Yangtze Evening News reporter came to the site of the incident — Pingjiang Road No. 208 in front of the door. Reporters saw the incident on the road there is a pool of dried blood.相关的主题文章: