A court Dou cervical erosion of self defense


"cervical erosion" is a term used to make numerous liangjianvzi blush. But now that the cervical erosion is a disease that does not exist, is a mistake, it is bad doctors name is used, is a pile up in the middle of comparable dou. So, how the truth, and listen to the self defense of cervical erosion.

"cervical erosion" is an often heard in the gynecological clinic of the term, I once in a so-called high-end hospital heard a "doctor" to "teach" patient: "your cervix ah, has been eaten more than half, erosion was not, don’t get treatment of cervical cancer! First we clean the vagina treatment liquid, and then give you the ozone sterilization, nano repair, make it as smooth as jade……" On the other hand, some doctors online have been on the cervical erosion were denounced, that cervical erosion is a complete absence of disease, do not need any treatment for cervical erosion, any of the patient’s diagnosis and treatment behavior are fooled. For a time, cervical erosion in the end is not a disease, will not develop into cervical cancer, the treatment should not be caused widespread discussion.

actually can think so, cervical erosion can be divided into 3 types.

The first kind of

is currently the majority of people believe that the cervical columnar epithelial shift, which is a physiological phenomenon, is the role of the cervix under different levels of estrogen.

second is a variety of physical, chemical, biological factors caused by cervical erosion. These two kinds of cervical erosion will not develop into cervical cancer.

third is due to a special microbial infection of human papilloma virus combined with cervical erosion, cervical precancerous lesions.

so, for cervical erosion, can not be generalized simply that is seriously ill and frighten patients, but they can’t think it is not a disease and not pay attention to. Even the first two kinds of cervical erosion, if there is abnormal vaginal discharge and contact bleeding, also need treatment. For the third types of cervical erosion, it is necessary to pay attention to the need for cervical cancer screening, and do the appropriate treatment.

, as always, or let the cervical erosion to do their own hall evidence for it.

self defense from cervical erosion

people call me "cervical erosion", I am not natural. Because the erosion of the two words always make people do not like the style of lenovo. In fact, although the relationship between cervical erosion and sexual life is not clear, the road is not clear, but the severity of the erosion is not directly linked with the number of sexual partners. In other words, a sexual partner can make the cervical erosion, and there are many sexual partners who may not be erosion of the cervix.