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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Everyone knows about the harmful effects of smoking on the human body. But not many are able to quit smoking even if they want to, because of the habit and the addiction. So to help people get out of this vicious tarp, .panies have developed electronic cigarettes as an alternative to the harmful traditional tobacco based cigarettes. These cigarettes allow smokers to get the experience the effects of nicotine without the smoke and the harm as well. These cigarettes are basically a battery operated nicotine delivery device. These are normally reusable and rechargeable but today there are even disposable varieties available. electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes) are similar to the traditional cigarettes, cigars and pipes in its appearance. It is like a tube in shape and at times the outside is painted in white and brown so as to give an illusion of an actual cigarette. There are also many other such cigarettes which look like a ball point pen. What happens in these cigarettes is that the liquid nicotine gets heated which is located in the cartridge when you inhale. When the heating takes place, you can experience the effects of nicotine. When you exhale you emit a gas which is not smoke but is the atomized water vapor. Electronic cigarettes do not involve any .bustion. However people have this misconception, that e-cigarettes help you to quit smoking. This is just a myth because the levels of nicotine are the same as in tobacco cigarettes but they dont involve any tobacco. It mimics the appearance, feel and sensation of a traditional tobacco cigarette and smoke. You just have to charge your cigarette and use them. if the battery gets empty you have to recharge it and can again get back to enjoy your e-cigarette. Following are the ways in which you can check the battery of your electronic cigarette: STEP 1: Check the LED light on your cigarette. If the light is blinking it means that the battery is running out and it is time to soon recharge it. STEP 2: Learn to analyze the force which you have to put in which inhaling. If you have to apply more force in inhaling, it can be a sign that the battery needs to be charged. STEP 3: Also notice the amount of vapor which is emitted. If suppose you are using a new cartridge, but the amount of vapor which .es out has shrunk, you may have to recharge the battery of your electronic cigarette . STEP 4: Also detach the battery from the cartridge when you are not using the cigarette. This is one of the most .mon and widely used methods to ensure that the battery doesnt run out by the time you are trying to smoke. STEP 5: If you are a heavy or a chain smoker, purchasing several batteries is a good option. This will ensure that you never run out of battery. If you are looking to buy electronic cigarettes do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: