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Software Checking References on TimeandAttendance systems in which you are interested should be an integral part of your selection process. If Time and Attendance System Vendors dont want to provide references, or a reference surprisingly gives you a lower reference than you would have expected on the Time and Attendance Software, you should clearly pay attention to this warning flag. However, it is unlikely that either of these will ever occur. Time and Attendance software .panies are only going to provide references that they know are pleased with their system. The vendor will have called the client prior to providing their name to you as a reference to ensure that they are willing to be a reference, that they have time to give being a reference and that they are happy with their TimeandAttendance software. The question then, How valuable are references if the Attendance Software.panies are handpicking them? This is the same for any industry but here are a couple of tips to get the most out checking references when .paring HR systems. Checking TimeandAttendance References Tip #1 Specify the business type You should specify the type of .pany that you want a reference from. This will make it more difficult for the TimeandAttendance vendor to cherry pick the reference(s) for you. It can also be important to specify a .pany in your industry so that the Time Attendance Software Solution is much more likely to meet your needs and the vendor will already have dealt with issues that may be particular to your industry. There is often a .araderie within industries that will also help you to get to the detailed truth about the vendor when you talk to the reference even though you have never met them before. Checking TimeandAttendance References Tip #2 Speak to the Implementers If at all possible, it is best to speak with the person at the reference .pany that was the actual person to do the implementation. There is no better knowledge on a vendor that what can be gained from the person with the client organization that went through the implementation process. They will know all about the software and all about the vendor. This will be valuable insight into what you can expect should you choose to go the same product. Checking TimeandAttendance References Tip #3 Speak to the Users The ease of use and functionality of the Time and Attendance software you are considering is an important considerations. This can be determined by questioning the actually system users and asking them directly. You can review and .pare the Time and Attendance Software products that you are considering by asking the same questions to the users in each reference .pany. You can get an excellent on the vendors support of new customers during the implementation process and also whether the software has problems or not during on-going use. Ask the reference how frequently they call the vendors customer support line. Ask whether someone answers straight away or, if not, how long they are usually left on hold for. Ask how helpful the tech support people are. Are the tech support people usually able to solve the problem quickly and professionally? You may also want to ask if the system has any significant problems or defects that might affect you or of which you should simply be aware. Make sure you write out your questions before you call to make sure you dont miss anything and that you ask each reference the same list of questions. Overall, it is important to understand that hand picked vendor references are only a small part of the steps necessary to successfully select a Time and Attendance software system. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to glean significant information from the references that you contact and this should help you in your decision making process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: