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  • June 4, 2018
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Wuhan issued residential elevator configuration "standard"   4 layer and above the new residential elevator shall be located next month – Channel – people.com.cn original title: 4 and above the new residential elevator shall be located next month yesterday, Wuhan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau promulgated the "requirements of residential elevator configuration and selection of general" (referred to as the "requirements" I, as a specification) technology in 10 month 28 day citywide implementation, aimed at resolving the problems existing in the residential elevator configuration of the number of problems, improper selection of low grade, etc.. The residential elevator configuration has been incorporated into local technical specifications and standards, but there has been no precedent in china. At the same time "requirements" in the declaration of the local standards of Hubei Province, the configuration and selection of the new residential elevator for October 28th in Wuhan area, both residential elevator installation for reference. The reporter noted, "requirement" has the following features: first, the elevator into a comfortable level, common level and economic level, the economic level should be selected to choose at least, comfort level. The lift load requirement is at least 1000 kg, which improves the elevator capacity. From the current situation of residential elevator configuration in our country, according to the number of each layer of the number, from the number of elevators, capacity, speed up the requirements. For example, 32 floors, six floors, the city is basically equipped with two units, the standard even according to the economic level configuration also requires 3 elevators. Second, lift the elevator installed on the seven floor and above seven floors to "four floors and more than four floors" to avoid the problem of installing elevators in the old building in the future. Third, twelfth residential and twelve layers above, each floor elevator set should not be less than two units, which should be set can accommodate a stretcher elevator, reflects on the mobility of people care and the need for emergency treatment. Fourth, the elevator should be equipped with safety monitoring, video surveillance, power failure level, one button alarm device. Fifth, elevator machine room should install air conditioning, to avoid the summer room caused by high temperature lift shut down. Sixth, the elevator pit waterproof and drainage capacity requirements, resulting in a large number of elevator will ease the city waterlogging problems due to shut down. (reporter correspondent Hu Qiongzhi Zhang?) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun) 武汉发布住宅电梯配置“规范” 4层及以上新建住宅下月起须设电梯–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:4层及以上新建住宅 下月起须设电梯   昨天,武汉市质监局颁布了《住宅电梯配置和选型通用要求》(简称《要求》),作为我市技术规范于10月28日起全市范围实施,旨在解决目前存在的住宅电梯数量配置不足、选型不当、档次偏低等问题。将住宅电梯配置纳入地方技术规范和标准,国内此前尚无先例。   《要求》同时在申报湖北省地方标准,适用于10月28日以后的武汉地区新建住宅电梯的配置和选型,既有住宅加装电梯可供参考。   记者注意到,《要求》主要特点有:第一,将电梯分为舒适级、普通级和经济级,市内至少选择经济级,宜选用舒适级。电梯的载重量要求至少为1000公斤,提高了电梯容量。从目前我市住宅电梯的配置现状来看,根据每层户数的不同,从电梯数量、容量、速度上提高了要求。如32层楼,六户 层,我市目前基本配置两台,该标准即使是按经济级配置也要求3台电梯。第二,将七层及七层以上安装电梯提升为“四层及四层以上”,避免将来老楼加装电梯的问题。第三,十二层及十二层以上的住宅,每栋楼设置电梯不应少于两台,其中应设置一台可容纳担架的电梯,体现了对行动不便人群的关爱和对紧急救治的需要。第四,电梯应配置安全监控、视频监控、断电平层、一键式报警等装置。第五,电梯机房应安装空调,避免夏天机房温度过高造成电梯停摆。第六,明确了电梯底坑防水等级和排水能力的要求,将缓解因城市内涝造成大量电梯停摆的问题。(记者张? 通讯员胡琼之) (责编:张沛、张隽)相关的主题文章: