Uncle is the emperor Qian Long had lied cheated 40 million Fupo elixir and new network – in-小坂めぐる

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  • April 16, 2018
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That is the emperor Qian Long uncle eat elixir Fupo cheated 40 million – Beijing, I was shocked! This kind of low-level routines have some people believe? A 55 year old man posing as the financial industry of Montana, and together with another man posing as the emperor, a woman more than 40 million yuan fraud! Today, the case in Shenzhen, claiming to operate overseas about 300000000000 Royal fund also know the military leadership, Wan Jianmin, aged 55, high school culture. The prosecution alleged that Wan Jianmin lied fought the Vietnam War, served as secretary of the tax bureau in Jiangxi city of Jingdezhen Province, to help the national leadership played the financial war, Song Hongbing wrote the "currency war" but also by its name. In Jianmin description, he is on the 16 international financiers, worked in Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics school, learned foreign financial system. He is the international financial predators Soros, Soros’s wife is the sister. His family holds the Royal Bank of Canada, he is the head, can control the overseas $about 300000000000 Royal fund, widely in the financial circle of contacts. In addition, he also knows a lot of central and military leaders. Around 2012, the victim Zheng Xueju wanted to start rural banks, was introduced to the financial industry Montana million derek. At the same time, Liu Qianzhen also introduced Zheng Xueju. Qian Long pretended to be the emperor ate ever-young medicine Liu Qianzhen identity is more bizarre, he pretended to be the emperor Qian Long, eat ever-young medicine, lived for more than and 300 years, is the world’s 27 royal family, holds a large number of assets of the Qing royal. A recording produced in court in a victim’s family also refers to the communication with Liu Qianzhen, "hundreds of years do you have? This is not science." Wan Jianmin pretended to be 10000’s ninth generation descendant of the family, only he can bring real money to thaw out. This is the victim Zheng Xueju Liu Qianzhen in operation for gospel truth, the royal capital and buy jade Cabbage by defrauding 2 million 220 thousand yuan. And this is only a tiny part of Zheng Xueju’s deception. Investment can take to do bait, lied to her husband 30 million is turning away the prosecution alleged that in 2014 May, the defendant Wan Jianmin will have a new financial investment product "CD" listed on the victim Zheng Xueju said in June 1st, the monthly income doubled, a return of ten times. Out of Wan Jianmin’s "trust" in May 29th of the same year, Zheng Xueju transfers to 1 million RMB million Derek million to help its investment accounts, to buy "CD". In the same year in July, Wan Jianmin once again to invest in single financial products as bait fraud, Zheng Xueju, and 4 million transfer to the Bank of China, to give up the use of the "CD". Get this 5 million yuan after the transfer, Wan Wei did not make any investment, but the money will be transferred to the most names. September 2, 2014, wan to invest in Shenzhen, South giant computer Co., Ltd. (now changed to a wood technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen city) on the grounds that the victim Zheng Xueju transfer 10 million yuan. In this process, Kun相关的主题文章: