Husband and wife to participate in the students will not quarrel with her daughter lost 1 days did n-holle树先生�����

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  • April 16, 2018
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Couples will attend the homecoming noisy daughter lost 1 days did not find the original title: students will attend the couple Street fire for two year old daughter lost a whole day did not find the police to buy bananas to the little girl the little girl fell asleep in the police station Chongqing evening news three or four children under the age of time not from the family view. Wulong County, a pair of careless parents, in the street quarrel lost children have 1 days, each other do not know the child lost. The afternoon of November 13th, Wulong County yangjiaozhen Xiemou family of three in the county to go shopping, buy clothes for the 2 year old daughter. After 5 p.m., Xie said that he would go to the students to attend the evening. His wife did not want to go, nor allowed her husband to go, the two quarrel. Two people in the street the more noise the more fierce, his wife angrily turned away, 2 year old daughter with his mother in the back. Xiemou also turned to go in another direction. After 5 p.m., Wulong County Public Security Bureau received a public warning, saying a child was abandoned in the south central plaza. Jiangnan police station rushed to the scene and found a girl about 2 years old, visited around, did not find the little girl’s family, so she was back to the police station. The little girl is too young to give her name and address. In addition to the police visited the investigation, but also through WeChat, Wulong forum and Ping Wulong micro-blog, WeChat GF lost little girl’s information, enthusiastic people to provide some clues, after verification are not accurate. In the inside, the police were fed to the little girl, playing with her. In the evening, the police on duty Li Mingqi took her to sleep in the duty room. On the afternoon of November 14th, the little girl’s two dad from the circle of friends to see the photo of the little niece, which was informed that the child lost, hastened to call xiemou. Xiemou said children together with his wife, until through the circle of friends children photos, to believe. Thanks to a busy from yangjiaozhen home to south station, see the police hold a child at that moment, he couldn’t help crying. Police learned that Xiemou has been thinking that her daughter followed his wife, his wife’s phone Xiemou in use, so there is no way to contact his wife. Xie said that his wife is very fond of her daughter, never lost her daughter, it is estimated that her daughter to go with their own, it is not known that the child lost. After the police criticized Xiemou education, so he took the little girl. Chongqing evening news chief correspondent Xia Xiangzhou correspondent photo coverage of the source: Chongqing evening news editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: