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Interview with Zhao Zhao: in terms of rights I was an idiot. "The sun in the winter and grandma together" ("events" sound sixth Hao Yun Zhao as special Tencent) entertainment news (Wen Xiaoxi) although "when you are old" this song fire, but Zhao Zhao is still not in the limelight, asked in the music circle was what do you think you for so many years, Zhao Zhao casually took a sentence, "No floating, always calm," said Zhao Zhao, smiling, very relaxed, no bitter taste. Cover "when you are old" a lot of people, Cai Ming, Hao Di, Huang Yong, Yang Hongji and so on, the Japanese version, buyizu version, English version of Zhao Zhaoxiao said: "although also emerge in an endless stream, only look pleasing to the eye" is suitable for singing their songs, but music in today’s environment, as creators but he didn’t what is the opportunity to choose, so far only Li Jian and Karen Mok (micro-blog) (micro signal: karenmok01) with him. This is really embarrassing, but in Zhao Zhao, they seem to have to face". Zhao Zhao joked in terms of rights is an idiot. But he does not care about, after all this injustice was used at the age of more than and 20, Beijing North drift, a large coffee to write numerous songs, but no one signed, elaborate preparations for the concert in Nanjing, in the end only to an audience… Say… Than the miserable story of Zhao Zhao three days three the night also cannot say, but he always lightly, reluctant to mention, "when I was young, then is not a thing, one day only eat a bowl of fried bread is also very happy, who did not suffer……" adhering to the "slow" Zhao Zhao to now only three the album is very low, in his opinion, only to impress their song is the song, "the most frightening thing is false faith", most of the time, Zhao Zhao put his efforts in the arrangement, "I think hard, in fact, quite lazy, always talk to this ink", according to Zhao again Familiar with the lazy smile. In the live music show "big voice" in the background, the entertainment Tencent Zhao Zhao dialogue, chat chat Beijing creation, also talked about his "clumsy, sincere, warm" for the first time. Talk about the "big voice": no audience performances more relaxed Tencent Entertainment: This is your first time to participate in the "big voice" studio performances, I think this program is the most attractive place for you? Zhao Zhao: it is restored, the height of the band to restore the scene. Tencent Entertainment: if there is no audience, will not feel accustomed to? Zhao Zhao: No, it’s more of a habit, because it’s better to be shy. Tencent: entertainment in the arrangement will be playing concerts which adjusted? Zhao Zhao: because it’s time is limited, as far as possible some of the classic songs they often sing show, will be adjusted, I do not know, all of those things of my band may be relatively unknown. Talk about the band: there is no style so called fig Tencent Entertainment: Fig band members are some old friends? Zhao Zhao: all old friends, even for ten years, off and on. Tencent Entertainment: can you briefly introduce how to set up the fig? Zhao Zhao: I would like to organize a bit of a sense of national characteristics of China, and later found that the style of the fuzzy, do not want too deliberately set up what kind.相关的主题文章: