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High speed car emergency stop is a retrograde killer deducted 18 points original title: Hubei "road killer" once deducted 18 points according to Xinhua news agency, the National Day holiday, micro-blog video brush a title for "National Road Killer driver emergency stop retrograde rear end accident risk caused by the explosion of network. The 6 reporters from Hubei high-speed traffic police Dangyang brigade was informed that someone’s owner has been severely punished, fined 400 yuan, recorded 18 points. The video shows micro-blog in Hubei, Jing Yi Expressway, a red car parked in the emergency lane, fortunately timely after the car line, followed by the vehicle brake in time to avoid an accident. Even more surprising is that the red car after the car to get off the car to stop the car, the red car lateral guide into the service area has been retrograde. After the release of the video micro-blog, users have accused the road killer dangerous behavior, video hits quickly exceeded one million. Hubei high-speed traffic police brigade Dangyang verification, the contents reflected true video. According to relevant regulations, Hubei high-speed traffic police brigade of Dangyang two illegal acts involving the owners of parking on the highway lane and retrograde highway in the combined punishment, a total of 18 points, a fine of 400 yuan. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: