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The morning mist, as beautiful as the song – Sohu of Hunan tourism Zixing said, originally found Xiaodongjiang beauty is a photographer, so he must be a photographer with poetic feeling. On the eve of Xiaodongjiang go, go to bed at 1 a.m. next village. At 4:30 the next day, struggling to get up, because there are people who are late, so that 6 points to reach the river. At this time, the day is white, the sun is blocked by mountains, because of thick clouds, only vaguely see the faint edge of a circle, unclear hanging in there. Energy-saving fog, such as the veil like diffusion away, but it is solidly the landscape in this river shore in this island bamboo shrouded, everything will seem not so real. Slowly, the fog texture more thick, almost even eyes are water vapor in the sunlight, suddenly pierce the fog, the fog will gradually recover, and finally to a cross, idly in the water, such as beauty gently folded in the turban Xinchang beautiful neck. Let the light in Dongjiang River by the black and white ink paintings in watercolor pen to add some light, more abundant level up. The fog is a flow of Song Ci poems rhyme is too short, too strict rules, only the rhythm of foot length words to reflect her clever. The autumn moon and spring breeze usual is a constant change, such as always like style. Green hill is like black, many in the morning was clear and drove the boat on the fisherman to faint, a bow hanging red lanterns in a cloud had a metaphorical dotting effect. Long pole dash, but sound?, gradually swing away ripple. Fisherman wearing hygrophila, head to look, youyouran lit a cigarette rod sweat, regardless of people on the shore anxiously, her bow sitting suction up, spit out the smoke in the fog on the background was clear. When he finished, to set up the body, take out a piece of fishing nets from the cabin, and shake a few times, suddenly thrown into the air. The original dead net suddenly endowed with life, living in the open air, and eventually became a circle. From afar, seems to be the whole people in the fisherman cover, and ultimately to the complete confluence with the river. Jiang Qiao Houzhu white fish, windy lake. The more the Chinese clothing woman, with long hair, after flying, under the trees to flick a "three fold" sunshine, quiet and elegant sound of guqin, echo and the water fisherman on the static action of refined and popular culture, quaint! In all the encouragement in the sound of women jumped on a boat, the boatman propped up long, swimming in the waves xiaodongjiang. Fog timely and then concentrated, we to the more verdant grass weed; real summer insects, silent, a boat filled with glory, sing in the brilliant gorgeous. But women can sing? Quietly is my farewell music. Then look at peer partners sent me the photo, red green skirt and the boatman of concert was such a countrywoman occasion, Barbara is a cherry red green banana, more beautiful more beautiful. But sister hit, although the net is relatively heavy, we can try to spread a little elegant!相关的主题文章: