The suspect confessed silver case details of the crime first attempted theft was wrecked. 残清1864

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  • November 19, 2017
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The suspect confessed silver case details of the crime: first attempted theft was wrecked after the murder in the 15th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Tomb Sweeping Day, this is the most green river town village last saw the 52 year old Gao Chengyong. He smiled and said you, the heat of the day, he ate half a watermelon. Ten days later, he became a suspect in a series of murders. According to informed sources, the police investigation of the case, through the inspection found on chromosome Y-DNA, Cheng He Cun Gao family suspected of committing the crime, one by one into the fingerprint. When extracting Gao Chengyong fingerprints and DNA, he expressed alarm. The police will fingerprint and DNA comparison, soon found his fingerprints and murder scene fingerprint is highly consistent, the implementation of the arrest. After his arrest, Gao Chengyong confessed to the crime. But he confessed that his first crime, attempted murder and attempted murder. That is the first case of attempted theft murder in August 28th, close to the police sources told the Beijing News, after being arrested, Gao Chengyong confessed to the police motive, said the case is due to attempted theft, the victim crashed before killing. The first case occurred at 5 p.m. on May 26, 1988, silver company, a white woman of the age of 23 was killed in the white Qu Yongfeng street home. This beautiful girl, by the time the workers called "white shoes". The police investigation found that the "white shoe" the neck was cut, jacket is pushed to the breasts, upper body naked, a total of 26 stab wounds". This year is the year when Gao Chengyong’s eldest son was born. Gao Chengyong’s cousin Chengke high recall, Gao parents in the last century, died in 80s, Gao Chengyong and a brother. Economic conditions at home have been bad. Gao Chengyong and his wife Zhang Qingfeng married, not what the ceremony, hastily put a few tables. After marriage, the couple’s economic situation has not changed. Zhang Qingfeng confinement, Gao Chengyong should take care of his wife at home, take care of farm work, but he has disappeared. Zhang Qingfeng didn’t eat, no one had to take care of, screaming a tangsao, barely bun satiety points. Once tried to test the pilot failed to mention him, the villagers agreed to be introverted, honest. He is silent, never say. A familiar with the villagers, he said, he is very stable, not easy to show the intention to speak. But I didn’t think he could hide it so deep." In contrast with him, his wife Zhang Qingfeng is cheerful, careless, say what. The river Yuzhong County Village Green Town, is Gao Chengyong’s domicile. Now, have been built into a resort area, the villagers living in the shop. But Gao Chengyong’s Gao family, is the most prosperous family in the village, has a lot of scholars and lifts. In everyone’s eyes, Gao Chengyong’s family seems to have inherited this tradition. A neighbor recalled, Chengyong high school grades are good, also admitted to the top three, then he is very filial, father paralyzed, he has been around to take care. Another elder Gao said, Gao Chengyong had him to participate in the pilot selection, but lost to him is not a small blow. Gao Chengyong’s two sons, also admitted to the focus of undergraduate, eldest son is now working in a domestic research unit. Silence, he gave everyone the impression that one is love to dance, when local popular ballroom dancing just take off, the couple often run into the ballroom. Two.相关的主题文章: