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  • November 19, 2017
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Business scope: Autumn must contract windbreaker, but you put on it? This year, autumn is no coat behind all feel shy to go out! But~~ main fan often see someone put tens of thousands of pieces of coat to wear into hundreds of pieces of the appearance, like that scene: (quality is not too high, Fan Youmeng of "artistic conception" is good ~) Fanzhu mood is like this…… (a good Chinese cabbage is just a long arch around) this coat how line? How to install X?! Today is the main fan fan friends summed up the 3 Tips with the coat. A windbreaker, collocation Tips 1?. When the coat buttons are all good, remember to fasten the belt. The coat buttons are all on (especially the collar button), this method is very challenging in the face, it is easy to accidentally fell significantly (_:: General) especially big face, moonfaced person. Profile plus general coat is H type straight tube, it is a big challenge for stature, temperament, accidentally swallowed up by the coat, is loose, not the spirit. Error: no belt position?   and   the waist belt is too tight on the left no belt, feeling a bit down, as if the But~ belt tied too tight, others looked breath quickly…… Correct posture: buttoned all? And remember to fasten the belt belt one, is not feeling better for partial dignified lady, in accordance with the rules of the original belt windbreaker tie is good! 2?. When wearing a long coat open, to a sense of hierarchy. Fan friends love to wear a long section, in time or outside the clothes collocation gap of at least 5cm; or inside and outside has obvious color contrast or contrast fabric inside and outside. ? wrong posture: inside and outside the clothes color similar, small gap, such collocation show short legs even uncle Nick also can’t control! Correct posture: inside and outside the clothes? Drop to   or  a long clear color contrast in the open often wear grey coat style, elegant chic full range. But accidentally, short legs tend to show significantly shorter…… So there is a gap in contrast or color collocation when the inside and outside, looks level sense and sense of order. Look at the two kid, early learn level outfit, coat to wear handsome (beauty), and "go, dog food everywhere ~ wo take you to go shopping!" 3?. When you don’t know how to match colors, choose the "black and white"! ? wrong posture: face is not suitable for bright color for example, this pic lady is not suitable for the bright color coat, facial features could not support such a bright color, and the full sense of the power of the leather material. Never follow the collocation of black and white ash ", but it still seems very" down to earth". Tips: bright colored gray often dynamic vitality, but also the most eye-catching of all colors. So~ your facial features must be more three-dimensional, face or special lines (usually cheekbones, eyes, eyebrows edloops special) so you face to the body of the dynamic and bright color dynamic phase相关的主题文章: