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  • November 18, 2017
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"Five King drunk Tu" was smuggled overseas auction "Puyi now return five King drunk by" Beijing poly 2016 autumn auction will be held on November 8th, 9 days to Shanghai Grand Theatre wangxingkong banquet hall preview, one of the water conservancy officials, Ren Renfa of Shanghai’s "five King drunk" by a story. This masterpiece was Qing Xuantong emperor Puyi secretly out of that house, living overseas for more than 60 years later. Today, the "five King drunk Tu" the Shanghai related national treasure will be held on December 1st to 3 in Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center poly Autumn Auction flowers who decided. Describe the tale of five brothers "five emperor King drunk Tu" is used in the Song Dynasty in this paper, 35.5 cm high, 212.5 cm long, was the Qing collection. The painting depicts Tang Xuanzong the tale of the five brothers, the five king, the king of Linzi to Li Longji (later Tang Xuanzong), song Wang Li Chengqi, Li Chengli, Wang Lifan, Wang Shen Qi Xue Wang Li Ye. Young Tang Xuanzong and the four brothers feelings of harmony, often from the feast, a bat, hunting. The picture depicts the scene of five brothers riding together. According to historical records, Li Longji in primogeniture ascended the throne, in order to prevent the brothers intervention, according to officials suggested, will be appointed as the governor of the four brothers, each entry into the time dispersion, then caused the insurgent intent Qi wang. Mark Han and Tang Dynasty painting stem comparable author Ren Renfa is the Yuan Dynasty court officials, because the horse has been superb, the emperor asked to draw the imperial stables horse, which is appreciated. Ren Renfa’s painting pen elegant, concise lines, elegant colors, vivid, lifelike characters of distinct personality and the environment background. The evaluation of Renrenfa painting with the Tang Dynasty, Han Gan Cao Ba and other famous rival, along with with Zhao Mengtiao. Ren Renfa’s work is currently the world’s only 21, most of the museum, which has been on the folk paintings of ancient paintings and calligraphy identification circles Xu Bangda gave the highest comments: "Five" King drunk map "authentic, on." Ren Renfa is the history of the Shanghai celebrities, who lives in Qinglong Town, is today’s Shanghai, Qingpu. Ren Renfa is a water expert, at the age of 17 to obtain tree, life is mainly engaged in water conservancy, Zhejiang Province, Beijing has presided over the Wusong River Tonghuihe and the Yellow River dredging, have made outstanding contributions in the history of water conservancy on China. In 1953, a number of cultural relics of Yuan Dynasty unearthed in Shanghai County of Qingpu, which is a Renrenfa epitaph, now by the Shanghai museum. After the picture had been smuggled out of the palace "five Wang Pu Yi drunk Tu" was born, after three generations of high officials and Yuan Ming, Wang Yongji, Wang Linguo, cultural relic connoisseur Liang Qingbiao, Geng Zhaozhong, Geng Jiazuo’s hands, the Qing Dynasty by Qian Long, Jia Qing, the income of the palace, the emperor Xuantong both in painting cover the collection India, and registered in the palace description of calligraphy and painting "Shiqu Baoji" in. After the revolution, to stay in the palace is not long Puyi feeling, in the name of reward brother Pu Jie, in two years, 1200 sub group name out of the forbidden city. In November 4, 1922 five, "Wang drunk Tu" and 20 other masterpieces together were awarded to Pu Jie, including song.相关的主题文章: