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  • November 18, 2017
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Online shopping Home Furnishing products stay a few acting "double eleven" is coming, many new owners are eager for a fight for purchase their favorite products Home Furnishing, but Home Furnishing product is different from other FMCG, this large consumer durable goods in did not see, hand touch, experience the case, can to buy roses? Beijing morning news reporters in the "double eleven" this year before a Home Furnishing readers Tucao online shopping interview, in order to allow you to enjoy online shopping convenience, but also to polish his eyes, to maximize the protection of their interests are not infringed. Big sale? "Do the math" white-collar Miss Zhang is a severe online shopping addicts, Miss Zhang joked: in addition to the home and the house husband, almost all from the Internet to buy. Since it is "Tao", a bargain, also has missed time, last year’s "double eleven" changed to a home sofa, after thinking, starting from a well-known electronic business platform in a sofa franchise stores to "forty percent off" merchants preferential price, good service attitude, delivery and installation are very smooth however, when she was in the WeChat Slide Show, a sensible friend circle of friends: this summer when we see the sofa ah, is also cheaper than the price. Sales node reminder "double eleven" as the Home Furnishing brand focused force, corresponding to the discount is generally higher than other time node, but in a "discount" sound, there are some fish, some online merchants, especially some formal stores often use "low", "low discount" to attract consumers. From the consumer complaints in previous years for these bad businesses, mainly means there are two: one is to play the numbers game, a node first in the "double eleven" long before the price increases gradually, and then in the "double eleven" during the "open" sale. The second is playing word games, deliberately on some parameters of products by fuzzy processing, the actual sale of "special offer products" tend to shrink, such as "solid wood floor" has become a "solid wood composite floor". Beijing morning news reporter advised consumers to make horizontal and vertical comparison, pay attention to the product before the festival and the price, in the case of the first price discount of the illegal behavior, but also achieve "order three", pay more attention to other similar businesses offer; two is in the "double eleven" began to set their own under the "goal", early attention to interested businesses and products, and pay attention to the price. Near the famous real score clear Lao Li has just learned to think of online shopping, to live in the city of the son of the daughter of a air purifier, and then spent more than and 500 dollars to buy a German imports of × × brand products than in the mall to see a lot cheaper, but it can give a son daughter-in-law a big problem, how to tell the old man explained, the original name of this product and real imports have sent letters of the order, Lee Young is not sensitive to the Russian, German, was fooled, this shop either from product packaging or shop storefront decoration, can be deceptive. Warm tips in the "double eleven", the consumer’s psychological defense is often the most.相关的主题文章: