Bowie Tseng Kay Huang has hidden attribute was Fei Yuqing marriage matchmaker – Beijing cad2012序列号和密钥

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  • November 17, 2017
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Bowie Tseng Kay Huang has hidden attribute was "Fei Yuqing marriage matchmaker" – Beijing, Beijing, September 11, by the SMG Internet program center and CO produced by Youku, Youku, crazy big star double platform live interactive webcast program "second" brother feed demand about on-line version in 22:00 Youku tonight platform. Kay Huang will be invited as special guests and little brother this time together in the program, the audience to answer the call. Show Kay Huang also generous marriage, hopes that the other half. The picture on the guest of deja vu, Bowie Tseng also had the same program in marriage. It seems that Fei Yuqing is not only the intimate uncle or hidden "matchmaker" ah. I remember in the "feed" the first phase of the program invited gold single female Bowie Tseng, in addition to answer the audience calls with little brother, but also in the field of ridicule their relatives and friends always ask yourself what you can get married, every time can only be embarrassed to answer: "fast fast." The implication is to borrow Fei Yuqing for his show and a small marriage. In an episode that this is just the program, did not expect this period show the guests on the show Kay Huang has also launched a marriage. When talking about women should not be independent, Kay Huang said he was actually very excited to have a partner. As everyone knows, Kay Huang sings from the creation, from the arranger to host a record producer, from a musical actor to show her, no one does not know everything. In the record production and songwriting, where her hand works will be fine, a woman’s style. But in life, Kay Huang from the marriage after raising his son alone has not a young head, the appearance of a strong woman’s heart is a tender side. In such a sensitive program, the situation to the depths of Kay Huang is also a lot of emotion, the expression of their spouse is the need for mutual support and common growth. The host is to ridicule the young men interested please contact the program contact brother, brother is nodded with the side of the good. It was seen live users also can not help but laugh: "did not think" Hey "brother was a hidden dating show, the little brother of hiding the identity or" matchmaker ", so that guests are older single young women." In fact, a little analysis, the program invited such female guests because of their intellectual and emotional, all kinds of problems in life has its own unique insights. Show the protagonist Fei Yuqing itself comes with elegant style, for both men and women have an affinity. So when the guests really heard the audience a variety of life troubles, even if the simple things can stimulate multi-dimensional thinking. Star of queer, trouble Cunhu moment of life, so they are in the program to open up. "Hello" and brother is the people living together, I also have trouble in your life, the star also has, funny behind the philosophy of life, this is the reason I love to see. In this programme, Kay Huang and little brother in the end will bring a fresh perspective to the audience, please look at 22 tonight Youku platform on-line "brother Hello".相关的主题文章: