The truth is Why did not use the new tariff doubled electricity appliances also go headache怎么读�

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  • November 16, 2017
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The truth is: Why did not use the new tariff doubled electricity appliances also go? Recently, an electric power bureau replaced a new meter electricity users almost double the message in the online heat transfer. Which mentioned: users reflect their new smart meters after the replacement, feeling the new table is faster than the old table word. According to friends, the new meter deviation of the fastest to 28%, most of the fast about 10.5%, that is to say, the residents want to dig more than 10%-28% of electricity charges." Is this really the case? The users of the new meter questioned users: plug without the electrical meter will "take the word" in fact, many users questioned the meter is accelerated, the problem is mostly plug without electrical appliances, charging case meter. There are users, before using Laobiao, but without the electrical plug, the meter does not "take the word"; but now use the new meter, plug without the use of electrical appliances, but also take the word "meter". This situation makes them feel the electricity is spent very wrong. Smart meter high sensitivity standby power consumption for household appliances from users of the new meter "fast" question, the national network of Tianjin Electric Power Research Institute experts explained that the smart meter is more accurate than the old meter, higher sensitivity, increase energy into electrical energy consumption during standby appliance fee. Hainan Power Grid Corp staff also said that compared with the old meter, smart meter can detect the current meter can not detect the current. Due to the previous mechanical table along with the service life increase, which will produce mechanical parts wear, resulting in decreased sensitivity to meter, so some of the weak current home consumption is measured; and the smart meter adopts the chip measurement accuracy is generally not because life increased and decreased, which makes many residents have increased power consumption for smart meters after the home of the illusion. In addition, the old mechanical watch needs a certain starting current, so the plug does not pull, TV standby, etc.". But the new meter by the number of pulse display, home appliances standby plug does not pull, will go". Last year, CCTV news has reported a test of the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of electric power. Test results show that: in standby mode, TV, washing machines, hanging air conditioning monthly consumption of 0.5 degrees, 0.29 degrees and 0.86 degrees. If coupled with set-top boxes, water heaters and other power hungry, there will be a large number of monthly electricity consumption due to standby appliances. Fast meter cannot operate there are questions for monitoring in addition to plug without reasons caused by differences in electrical charging, some users believe that: because the relevant personnel deliberately meter "accelerated", it caused the rise of electricity. In this regard, Cheng Weidong, vice president of HOLLEY instrument group Limited by Share Ltd gave an explanation: tune fast meter is theoretically possible, but in fact can not operate. Cheng Weidong said that the measurement of the product needs to be measured, must comply with the relevant laws and regulations. Relevant technical supervision departments will also occasionally to the enterprise surprise checks, direct sampling pipeline or the end of the package, finished the meter inside the library. Once found unqualified for the enterprise is the enterprise not crowning calamity.相关的主题文章: