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  • November 16, 2017
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"Code" Renlong acting point for users praise the interpretation of the little big role – the interpretation of "the first entertainment Sohu Renlong child     Sohu entertainment news is known as the" spy Trilogy "wrap up the" code "last night officially ending, in which the British concession police inspector Renlong played Song Yuanqiao for the love the child heart dedication, love of home and unable to get the support of many netizens, many of the audience was called" the first child". In addition to the role of their own stories and halo, the nuanced interpretation of actor Renlong online harvest a large number of users point of praise, said Yan Lung plays Song Yuanqiao very distressing. In addition to "code" of Song Yuanqiao, still Renlong film and television drama played various roles, although the "small" people, but each role no difference seriously, because each performance is very heart and was friends known as "thousand people". The first child adorable uncle Renlong warm heart in this work "interpretation of the latest ending codes", as the inspector Song Yuanqiao Renlong, Ganaiganhen character make people sit up and take notice, and undivided attention to your lover back but not her heart is the interpretation is in place, including the love and farewell Renlong the most touching scene, netizens widely praise, many netizens in the barrage message: "Lanqing Yao turned and walked after the song Yuanqiao brimming with tears did not stay, it is heartbreaking to see people." "Turn for a moment, the Yuanqiao song on the red eyes! It’s been great!" It is worth noting that Renlong played the role of the lives of ordinary people from the most recent role, through his delicate interpretation, making the audience feel as if from life into the screen, so the evaluation of many viewers will be given Renlong: "he’s XXX and me as like as two peas". Some netizens commented: "see Renlong uncle feel very cordial, his acting is not exaggerated, amiable and easy of approach, but a glance is very touching!" About this evaluation, Renlong is also very good: This is actually the audience to give a high evaluation, which proves that I walked into their hearts". Renlong: the role of not the size of the sub film for ten years, although Renlong played the role in the public eye is little, but not the size of the role Renlong said, "everyone is a living person, true to life, so that the audience in your work, there is no sense of distance!" In order to be true to life’s interpretation of the film and television works every time before the shooting, Ren long will do a lot of preparatory work, such as the "code" will be filmed in delving into the lives of ordinary people, in the "wonderful family", and "code" Renlong away in the inspector edge, cowardly, second "henpecked, but in the movie" fix "father-in-law through body language comedy, full to bursting point, he played a full theater is bursting point. It also benefited from the Renlong observation of life, art comes from life, observation and accumulation of life are my treasure". Because of this, more and more audience Renlong will be recognized and known, has been more and more users alike.相关的主题文章: