This allows you to choose the tiles to do the home balcony facade 索尼a350

This lets you pick tile balcony to "window play"?? balcony was the one who had contact with the outside world, nice room decoration can improve the quality of life and comfort, with the family decoration effect on people more and more attention, the balcony decoration has become an important part of the family decoration. Balcony tiles how to choose? The following small series will bring you the choice of balcony tiles, hoping to provide you with help. On the choice of the size of the balcony tiles, different people have different views, according to personal preferences to choose, at the same time pay attention to the length and width of the balcony. ?? For people who love small tiles, long balcony, can choose small ceramic tile laying, or buy large ceramic tiles by modification is also possible, as long as the length and width of the balcony, laying down the good, on the other hand, because the balcony area is not large, small space with small tiles can set off the space dimension sense, like fertilizer for clothes wear vertical stripes will not look fat, thin people wear striped not very thin is a reason, this relatively small balcony tile size selection is good. ?? Some people love the tiles, the tile is actually very good, with large balcony tile size, thus laying out the ground joint and small tiles compared to a lot less, looks more beautiful, on the other hand, the large balcony tile size, laying out the balcony seam less it is easier to clean, and small ceramic tile shop out of the balcony for a long time too many small cracks will become black lines. The choice of the size of the balcony tiles, but also according to the choice of furniture placed, while the packaging balcony and not the choice of the balcony is not the same package. ?? The balcony tile quality to buy skills?? the balcony tile selection technique 1, check box on the product label?? should the name and address, the name of the product, customer service telephone service, specifications, quantity, trademarks, production date and the implementation of the standards for porcelain brick, need to check the CCC certification mark, interior design and decoration the decoration of the ceramic tile, should choose radionuclide meet class a requirements of the product. ?? 2, look at the balcony tile selection technique appearance?? good quality ceramic surface should be smooth, delicate, shiny glaze crystal shine, matt glaze is soft and comfortable. In plenty of natural light or fluorescent lamp, the brick on the 1 meters away from the vertical observation, should not see the obvious defects of glaze. There are patterns of color patterns should be delicate, realistic, there is no obvious lack of color, disconnection, dislocation and other defects. High quality ceramic products on the back of the shading and trademark clear and complete, little trace or defect of glaze. The choice of 3 tiles tiles, mosaic effect? Good tile size deviation is small, a number of products on a vertical plane to see if there is no uneven phenomenon. Look at the level of smoothness, it is recommended that the two sides of the brick close together to see if there is no gap. Good product deformation is small, paving the brick surface after the formation of beautiful. See the product color, take a few bricks to fight together, look carefully in the light, color shades of products, poor overall effect of post shop. ??.相关的主题文章: