Wallace Huo, I am acting but not the case of life does not have to cater to others sql2005安装图解

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  • November 16, 2017
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Wallace Huo: I act but not sell life does not have to cater to others Sina entertainment news to private life and family has always been well protected Wallace Huo, but because of recent marriage and pregnancy, has been pushed on the entertainment headlines layout. Wallace Huo’s choice is not to respond, as the public debate is raging, even though it means he may be judged more severely by others. He has also recently released work non-stop for a period of time, film, drama in the film, never stop. In order to cope with the publicity, he still openly accept media interviews. Despite the goodwill of the promoters to discourage, Wallace Huo is still a direct answer to the film unrelated topics: Sina entertainment: will change because of the public’s attention? Wallace Huo: why should I change? I am acting, not the case, everyone has his own personality, the role of the Passions I will fully to life, I don’t think I need to cater to everyone. Sina entertainment: some netizens feel that men should stand up to defend their families. Wallace Huo: that’s them. I’m me. Everybody’s doing their business. The answer attitude firmly and short and strong, this is the face of Wallace Huo tattle and prate of fighting. He said that he did not love the lively, do not like to share, there are many kinds of artists, he only likes to do. So he does not open micro-blog, will not squeeze out the lens of professional smile, the work itself as a way to interact with the audience. Early Wallace Huo had acted in seven year drama, was also a little meat, being close to the idol niche label. I do not know since when, his image has gradually become a veteran, acting is also increasingly sophisticated. Wallace Huo will this change is very open, when the time came naturally. "Five years ago, I have no way to play the emperor, but it may show life experience and experience are relatively rich, that we will let you go, I did not bother to change what." He has always stressed that their identity is the "actor" instead of "Star", he is filming heart devotion cause. Speaking of filming, Wallace Huo can talk about the family; beam with joy, and when his words a lot less obvious. Although the final conversation atmosphere is not so relaxed and happy, at the end of Wallace Huo came over and patted my shoulder and said, "you have worked hard." Well, this is Wallace Huo. Age, experience, idol type transformation is a very natural thing "five years ago I couldn’t play the emperor" Sina entertainment: Why then play "hide and seek" this movie? Play thriller what particular experience? Wallace Huo: I did not try to want to try, such a theme in the TV series will not have, it is a kind of novelty, it did not take such a thing, more interesting. This scene was quite depressed, many were shot in the closed scene, the day night shoot, Budoula, it is difficult to see the sun, it also gives me a feeling of oppression. I have not seen the film, the process is as good as possible, if you like it. Sina entertainment: you play one)相关的主题文章: