Samsung plans to seal the belt you crazy expansion of the waist 音羽かなで

Samsung plans to seal the belt your crazy expansion of the waist love fan children at the beginning of this year, Samsung from C-Lab’s own creative lab got three new products: Rink VR special controller, Tiptalk smart watches, WELT smart watch strap belt after 9 months of research and development, smart belts WELT out of the C-Lab, complete a public platform to raise Kickstarter test, finally reached the commercialization step. Recently, Samsung once again demonstrated the smart belt, and announced its release time and price. Consistent with previous exposure, the WELT belt is still a health data record, the main function of the movement monitoring points. According to Digitaltrends reports, WELT’s full name is Wellness Belt, is a flagship health monitoring wearable devices. It is equipped with a pedometer and a series of sensors, can record the wearer’s movement and sedentary time. Meanwhile, Samsung will develop a dedicated WELT for this app. The wearer can use this application to understand their movement data and health conditions, including heat, fat consumption, waist changes and so on, so as to adjust their movement patterns. WELT’s development team referred to the concept of development when they present the product. They hope that this product can improve the problem of modern people sedentary. Researchers in the team said: Sedentary can affect a person’s health, and even lead to a series of complications. Through a combination of wearable devices, data records and a series of things to encourage the wearer movement, which is our goal. In addition to health, Samsung also want to use this WELT to highlight their fashion. The team accepted Dailymail visit mentioned: WELT is also a product to meet consumer demand for fashion. We do not need too much pain in accordance with the needs of consumers, to do three versions of WELT, in order to adapt to the needs of daily life and work. We hope that when it emphasizes functionality, it can also reflect the fashion attributes. Samsung announced the release of this product, WELT will be divided into Casual, Classic and Premium three series, men and women have different color, the lowest price of $69, is expected to ship in January 2017. For business customers, the choice of traditional watches, they rarely wear a smart wearable device on the hand. And the belt will be more personal, more sensitive to changes in waist perception. From this point of view, the belt will be more reasonable. But for a sports car, wearing a belt pants to exercise, is not very troublesome?相关的主题文章: