The four door is still installed villa repeatedly stolen master monitoring after the truth. wegener肉芽肿

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  • November 15, 2017
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The four door is still installed villa repeatedly stolen master monitoring after told the truth since July this year, Ms. Zhang Jiangyan city Jinhu Bay Area repeatedly found his bag of cash rather baffling less. Ms. Zhang’s villa and consists of 4 doors, a thief how easy it is to come in? Until a month ago, the couple from the monitor to see the house into a strange man, realized that the 4 door is still not fangzei. Ms. Zhang, who lives in Jinhu Bay area of the villa area of Jiangyan. The evening of October 7th, Ms. Zhang finishing package items, found a few face value of 100 yuan supermarket card disappeared. This happened in the past, she always thought it was stolen outside, but this time, she was determined to be at home less, because in the afternoon of October 6th, she finished packing, a lot of supermarket cards. Her husband Mr. Chang suggested that access to home monitoring the look. The couple immediately access to surveillance video, found in late October 6th 7, a strange man sneaked into the house, 4 minutes left. The couple feel bad, further examination found that several cases of stolen wine collection in the storeroom of the thousands of yuan in cash; put in the bedroom bedside table is gone. Subsequently, the couple to the district police station report. According to Ms. Zhang recalled that since July this year, the family property loss occurred 4 times, a total loss of more than 10000 yuan. In July 30th, she found only 300 yuan in the wallet, only $6000; in August, one day, she was in the bag of $1000 in cash was gone; in September 5th, she put in the wallet of less than $three hundred or four hundred in cash. Ms. Zhang said, no matter who, to her villa, must through the 4 door, so several times before home less money, she and her husband did not believe home into a thief. After several days of continuous Mopai visit, found a 38 year old man who lives in the south of Jiangyan dimou has a major crime suspects. In October 21st, dimou family persuaded to surrender to the public security organs. On October 6th, dimou burglary confessed to the crime. According to the evening of October 6th, dimou confessed that he was riding electric cars came to the bay area of Jinhu, to the familiar villa. Although the villa has 4 doors, but only the outside of the door slightly need little effort to pry the 3 door latch, the other looks are closed, in fact, a push to open. The day before, the suspect dimou arrested for theft, prosecutors approved the arrest according to law. Ms. Zhang learned that home repeatedly stolen the truth, only see light suddenly rushed to 4 door, home, all equipped with anti-theft lock. The police said, near the end of the year, according to the usual security situation of burglary crime rate will rise, the public should also improve security awareness. Many families in order to prevent thieves burglary, the installation of the fence. But note that the space fence should be less than 15 cm, the protective bar should be appropriate to put some cacti, bells and other objects, in order to increase the difficulty of the thief. The anti-theft door must be locked, especially at night must lock on the insurance, the best replacement of class B or class B lock core; when conditions permit, the public can be installed in the door or the infrared alarm anti-theft window.相关的主题文章: