The former disciple Deyunshe Guo Degang come back to love you master Deyunshe disciple utc行家

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  • November 15, 2017
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The former disciple Deyunshe   Guo Degang: come back to love you master   Deyunshe disciples home inventory from Devon   how are they? Fujian Channel – former disciple for Deyunshe Guo Degang: come back to master love you Deyunshe disciples leave home inventory Deyunshe what happened to them? At noon on November 24th, Deyunshe comic actor Han Hexiao released a micro-blog, "said he was fine things, as has been repentance", apologized to Guo Degang before leaving a suspected division, and want to go back to the headquarters of Beijing Deyunshe express wish. Subsequently, Guo Degang forwarded the micro-blog, and said: I never because of a person’s past, the nature of a person suspected. Young and reckless, excusable. Come back baby, master loves you!" The former apprentice Deyunshe agreed to return. Han Hexiao was Beijing Deyunshe comic actor, crane word. 2009, Han Hexiao was admitted to the next door disciple of Guo Degang. In 2014, Han Hexiao without authorization from the cloud home, personal development, and to Guo Degang’s mentoring relationship stalled. In June 2016, Han Hexiao found Guo Degang in Shanghai, Guo Degang take the initiative to admit, understanding, and clean up the occasion in September in Guo Degang, micro-blog issued a document for Guo Degang, active table loyal, its name is thus in Deyunshe genealogy. (Yao Luying, commissioning editor Zhang Zijian) what Deyunshe disciples from home? Take a look at these years from Deyunshe out of all the crosstalk performers. Pan Yunxia in a clear voice, the generous, solid basic skills, good at the mouth, and many other scripts Wengen show, loved by the audience. Deyunshe had participated in the show, not in the community to participate in the performance. Now living in Tianjin, has been working. Xu Deliang published in 2011, "the comic dialogue selected by Xu Deliang," published in 2012, "the choice of the comic dialogue of the 2 selected by the Chinese and the Chinese by the Chinese and the Chinese by the comic book of" the comic dialogue between the two sides of the book. Xu Deliang is a university bachelor degree in crosstalk actors, staged many see as "four books" about the traditional comic, "Zhu Fuzi", "Wen", "Zhao Guan", taking "Diao Chan", "Luo play beasts map" etc.. Xu Deliang served as "Beijing Yuyuexinbao" reporter after graduating from college, also served as the senior Internet Co "PR radio" and "Hurray", "sky net" office, reporters and Internet Co working experience makes him a better understanding of the society, close to the times. He advocated "Wengen" comic style, advocate to go beyond praise or comic satire, should be focusing on human nature and society. Has also been involved in film and television drama performances, in 2013 with Fan Yichen, Jin Shijie co performance of the film, "March flu" for the male two. Wang Wenlin Wang Wenlin, born in 1947, Beijing, comic actor, formerly known as Wang Huilin, under the tutelage of the comic master Liu Baorui, the son of Wang Changyou comic artists. The show was in Beijing youth team, Beijing folk Deyunshe, Beijing City, Haidian comic clubs and other organizations. Art for 40 years, holding both good and funny, creation, often show a "bay", "Fen eight screen", "Shandong", "learning" Erhuang comments, "the new)相关的主题文章: