United star workaholic Wang Xun to battle against a successful counter attack 捷安特xtc750

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  • November 15, 2017
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United star Wang Xun to battle against the workaholic Wang Xun Wang Xun successful counter attack carefully read the.Jpg handheld microphone open voice.Jpg Wang Xun and.Jpg Wang Xun and the players to concentrate on the star group photo on a sina.Jpg entertainment news program, Wang Xun singing training in collective and star teammates, with the song "waiting for" showing good skills. Xun sister not only relaxed again jump hot eyes dance, but also on the training ground to walk the T show". From the official trailer to see, this episode, Wang Xun will be the first time to get the ball on the ground with a secret weapon. Xun sister wearing a red headband adept dribbling, three step layup action is Wang Xun wearing the freely flowing style of writing, sports special glasses is caused by the users attention. Xun sister sing dance talent show with magic break limit transfer movement of positive energy in Friday’s show, the biggest highlight of star players daily joy becomes the entire program. Star players with vocal training, we each sing a good song, Wang Xun is sing hard, won the audience applause, is hidden, blockbuster. And in the Athlon team competition "face", Wang Xun again danced the "hot dance, enchanting eyes" can jump out of such a serious face dance, "Xun sister" a fully deserve. Sing and dance show Wang Xun with a deep knowledge of art, at the same time as the violin and cooking skills constantly on the screen display, Xun sister will be magic talent more and more recognized by the audience. In addition to star players daily joy, as basketball students, it is natural to continue to accept a new round of high strength training test. On the field, Wang Xun wearing a red bandage, with blood gas. As a "basketball Baizheng", fast sister is more active in the initiative, not only basketball basic skills, more is to delve into the counter tactics. With the advance of the program, Xun sister’s physical advantage is more and more eye-catching, training, preparing for war…… Xun continued to break through the previous role limit, the transfer of the strongest positive energy movement. Skilled dribbling cast three step layup stable secret weapon power fast sister points for the first time in this issue of the "Star Alliance", wake up [micro-blog] led figure battle to challenge, as God assists the sister to the outbreak of basketball fast blood feelings. See from the official trailer, Xun sister a red sports equipment: red shirt with a red headband, fully demonstrated the sportsman. Before the game, Wang Xun is adept dribbling action and keep cool look, all to show the motion field fast growing sister. Especially the rhythmic dribble screen, is to allow users to look at. From the official trailer, the audience is looking forward to the successful counter attack points for the first time how fast the elder sister. According to the staff, from participating in the program, because every time his sister Xun are particularly hard, very hard, so it has broken two glasses, the play is wearing oversized glasses third pairs of insurance. In order to live up to the trust and expectations of his teammates, the elder sister Xun put on special glasses, just to be not so much concern, can better go. As the star of the family basketball players, fast sister sports enthusiasm can be described as more and more high.相关的主题文章: