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  • November 15, 2017
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[network] media go turn change of Long March: energy-saving   the bullet took over – – the media – original title: [network media] go turn change of Long March: energy-saving flying bullet won the natural barrier for many people, the Red Army Long March twenty-five thousand in the road. Familiar with the story than flying from Luding Bridge. The Red Army to overnight accourding 120 kilometers to the Luding Bridge? 22 warriors is how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task in a hail of bullets? Let’s relive this history. Luding Bridge is located in Luding County of Sichuan Prefecture of Ganzi Province, under the bridge is in the Dadu River, the bridge from the water several feet high. The whole bridge is composed of 13 parts: the wire on both sides of the two is Qiaolan; under 9 side by side, covered with wood, is the bridge. It’s dangerous to walk on the bridge. Chairman Mao once in the poem "energy-saving" to describe it in Luding Bridge. In May 25, 1935, the Red Army in the Anshunchang qiangdu Dadu River, but found that the width of the river water is urgent, not to use a few bridges, only a few small boat to cross the river in the red, the fastest also want a month. However, the Kuomintang followed, the situation is very serious. In this moment the central government decided this threatened by growing crises, divided the forward direction of Luding upstream along the Dadu north shore of Henan from Luding Bridge across the Dadu River. In May 27th, the Red Army two division four regiment of the scheduled 3 days after the arrival of Luding 160 kilometers away. However, on the morning of May 28th, Huang Kaixiang, Yang Chengwu led the red group received a letter from the Central Military Commission, ordered the red group 29 days to take Luding. In other words, the four group must be completed within a day of the remaining 120 km. Flying from Luding Bridge "fly", is the best for a day and a night march 120 kilometers road interpretation. The early morning of May 29th, after the red army arrived in Luding west of the bridge, known to the world "flying from Luding Bridge" campaign began. The Red Army had to stop the bridge, will remove the 23 bridge. The only iron chain panzhe crawl. The commandos came to the bridge, the enemy will put fire, the soldiers are Buweijianxian, braved the intense enemy bullets, darting through the raging fire, rushed to the city, and the enemy launched fierce battle. In two hours, the enemy was wiped out most of the rest are attempted to flee. The fourth group bravely seized the Luding Bridge, and achieved a decisive victory in the long march. The main force of the Red Army crossed the natural barrier of Dadu River, the front line to go forward with great strength and vigour of resistance. 81 years later, still stands in Luding Bridge across the Dadu River, is the witness of history, is the outstanding battle record, but also tell those hard times. When you stand in the Luding Bridge, the ear seems to be still ringing the rumbling sound of the guns, the shock will never fade with the passage of time. Although the long march has been away from us, but the written with the blood of a battle, leaving a blood immersed in every one of US forces, we will transfer the power of Sung history, heritage, the spirit of the long march. (commissioning editor: Song Xin)相关的主题文章: