Women listen to someone in nearly 7 million grand prize after checking found himself 下北glory days

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  • November 15, 2017
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The woman heard someone in nearly 7 million awards check after the discovery of his original title: tickets a check is originally oneself in the double chromosphere 6 million 900 thousand and 9 on the evening of 25 August, the double chromosphere lottery game 2016112nd, opened 8 note first prize, single note bonus of 6 million 860 thousand yuan, the current out of 8 note first prize were Jiangsu Liaoning, Jilin, Shenzhen, and Hubei, Heilongjiang and other provinces and cities more than get lucky in the lottery. The Suzhou lottery won 2 note first prize in a lottery which is used Dantuo betting, betting time is 18:47 on September 25th, the 2 red, 7 red Danma drag code, 1 ball betting, 35, spent 70 yuan, won the first prize 1, third-prize 12 four prize 18, five prize 4, total prize 6 million 900 thousand yuan, lucky site is Suzhou Water Street, Changxin Street fragrant lottery booth number 32050953 lottery betting station. The morning of September 27th, a young fashionable lady excitedly into the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center, ask the staff how awarding. In awarding lead her to the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center staff after thinking: young, and it is the female lottery, really rare. The staff took the initiative and she chatted about, generally, the original is Shuangseqiu 2016112nd Suzhou winner Ms. wang. Although Ms. Wang fashion dress, love the pursuit of new things, but do not lose steady. The afternoon of September 26th, Ms. Wang also as usual went to the nearby unit downstairs coffee shop to buy a cup of Cafe Americano, also called a tea cake, as usual, drink tea, think about work. Hear two people sitting at the table next to the discussion, next to the site of a lottery prize. Don’t know who’s so lucky. Ms. Wang is also in the evening of September 25th to buy lottery tickets at the betting station, thought, will be their own winning. Return to the unit, Ms. Wang from the bag and took out to buy a lottery ticket, and skillfully opened the Jiangsu lottery official website to check. Check that the lottery numbers included in their chosen bravery and drag code, one does not leak. The whole person too excited, almost knocked over the hand of the cup, a few minutes before God froze. Who was the first prize in the lottery is Ms. wang. Ms. Wang repeatedly checked a number of times, to confirm their own after the award, they immediately called the parents to tell them the good news, to share the joy of winning. When asked how to buy lottery tickets is Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang said with a smile, when she began to buy double chromosphere, with a random bet, bought for a period of time, although some small prize 5 yuan, 10 yuan can, but Ms. Wang felt a little lost interest. One day in the Yangtze Yangtze Evening Paper Color by the section of the lottery prize story, the current winners with Dantuo betting win awards. Ms. Wang is very curious, then Internet research, and then she started her own choice number Dantuo betting, Danma is relatively fixed, and drag code and according to the trend of basketball, constantly changing, Ms. Wang is generally hot and cold, each half, two weeks left相关的主题文章: