Wuhan first suite down payment to 30% of the main urban areas and development zones 工号9527为您服务�����

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  • November 15, 2017
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Wuhan first suite Shoufu to 30% mainly related to the urban area and Development Zone newspaper news (reporter Gong Qifei) October 3rd Wuhan issued the purchase limit credit deal, which specific standard credit limit in the first working day after the holiday to be clear. Yesterday morning, the reporter learned from authoritative sources, the 6 day, the people’s Bank of Wuhan branch, Hubei province Chinese Banking Bureau jointly issued a notice, the proposed differentiated mortgage policy in Wuhan city in the housing matters, among them, Wuhan city residents to purchase the first set of housing, in the main urban areas and development zones, the lowest Shoufu ratio 30%. The early morning of October 3rd, the general office of the Wuhan municipal government issued a notice, announced on the main city Jiang’an and Jianghan, Hanyang, Wuchang, Qiaokou, Qingshan, Hongshan, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone (excluding Hannan), East Lake eco tourism scenic area (the main city + Development Zone) the implementation of property purchase restrictions limit credit: permanent residents in Wuhan to buy the first suite Shoufu 25%, buy second suites Shoufu 50%, buy third Suites stopped lending; non Wuhan Hukou buy the first suite Shoufu 25%, buy second suites stopped lending, banning the purchase of third suites. The circular said, restriction measures implemented in October 3rd. Restrictions on loans involving individual housing credit policy adjustments, the people’s Bank of China Wuhan branch, Hubei Banking Regulatory Bureau under the guidance of the Hubei provincial market interest rate pricing mechanism to implement the resolution." The October 6th issue of the "China Banking Regulatory Commission of the people’s Bank of Wuhan branch of Hubei China Supervision Bureau on the further strengthening of the housing credit policy management notice", the same implementation limits the scope of development districts +. The latest notice specified, regardless of whether the household registration in Wuhan, as long as there is no housing households in Wuhan City, the purchase of housing first payment ratio of the minimum down was 30%. Wuhan resident households two suites down payment ratio of a minimum of 50%, the suspension of the purchase of commercial loans in the third suites; non Wuhan household household, from the beginning of the second suite to suspend payment of commercial loans. The industry generally believe that the Jiangcheng property market regulation policy, the purchase of credit limit policy in October 3rd to supplement the perfect, will further promote the property market back to reason. National Day two real estate "daylight" before and after "eleven" (September 26th -10 7), from the Wuhan purchase credit limit policy to the floor, the property market in Wuhan 10 focus on the market brought a supply peak, the city’s new commercial housing turnover of 8099 sets, the average daily turnover of 675 units, of which Caidian District, Jiang’an District, Hongshan District turnover in the top three. According to the prices comments network statistics, "eleven" before a week before the holiday rush in the 8 projects focus on the market, the average of up to 78.5%. "Eleven" period, Wuhan is only the market in the two set, and are "daylight". "Eleven" about a week before the Wuhan purchase limit lending policies of the rumors spread like wildfire, many developers rush in before landing policy push or opening, shows that the developers to purchase limited credit policy "fear" mentality. Recently, the city Housing Bureau convened some developers and experts and scholars held a forum that the implementation of the October 3rd partition credit limit restriction policy, targeted to the city center area of land and housing prices rose too fast.相关的主题文章: