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CIRC: bancassurance sales deliberately avoided the risk – investors must guard against the reporter Li Chao CIRC issued 17 risk warning, some recent media reports of "deposit change policy, financial products insurance change situations have occurred, the individual bank and insurance sales staff in the introduction of financial products, product risk avoiding and the fuzzy nature of the product, exaggerated product revenue, inducing financial consumers to buy insurance products, to financial consumer inconvenience or even loss, disrupting the financial management order, damage the reputation of the insurance agency. The Insurance Consumer Protection Bureau of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission reminds the majority of financial consumers to take precautions against risks in dealing with related businesses. One should be vigilant, a detailed understanding of the sales staff to buy properties of products, to distinguish the product in the end is bank deposits or insurance; two to make a reasonable assessment of their own needs, to choose the right financial security or the actual situation and needs of the family financial situation; three to read the contract carefully, carefully read the terms of the insurance contract, pay particular attention to the cover of the prompt risk insurance and the insured amount, guarantee liability, liability exemption and other parts, be aware of. If a customer mistakenly purchases insurance products for more than one year in the bank, he may apply for surrender in the "hesitant period", or call the customer service staff in the "hesitant period". In accordance with the relevant provisions, "hesitation period" for the insured to sign the insurance contract 15 natural days. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

保监会:银保销售刻意回避风险 投资人须防范   □本报记者 李超   保监会17日发布风险提示,近期部分媒体报道“存款变保单”“理财产品变保险”的情况时有发生,个别银行、保险渠道产品销售人员在介绍理财型产品时,刻意回避产品风险,模糊产品性质,夸大产品收益,诱导金融消费者购买保险产品,给金融消费者造成了不便甚至是损失,扰乱了金融管理秩序,损害了保险机构的声誉。   保监会保险消费者权益保护局提醒广大金融消费者,在办理相关业务时注意防范风险。   一要提高警惕,向销售人员详细了解欲购买产品的性质,区分清楚该产品到底是银行存款还是保险;二要合理评估自身需求,根据家庭实际情况和财务状况选择合适的理财方式或者保障需求;三要认真阅读合同,仔细研读保险合同条款,尤其注意保单封面的风险提示语和保险金额、保障责任、责任免除等部分,做到心中有数。   消费者如在银行误购买一年期以上的保险产品,可以在“犹豫期”内主动申请退保,或在“犹豫期”内致电客服人员询问。按照相关规定,“犹豫期”为投保人签订保险合同15个自然日。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: