二、本仓位跟踪标的为沪深300指数 牡丹江医学院邵惠玲

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Total investment: the stock market is not up for this "vampire" do? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my yesterday (October 13th), better market performance than the parties expected, the stock index rose 2.85 points to 3061.35 points, the Shanghai stock market turnover of 166 billion 340 million yuan, slightly enlarged. The reason of brother said the performance of A shares than expected stronger, mainly because Hong Kong stocks plummeted again yesterday, the Hang Seng Index fell 375.75 points, or 1.61%; state-owned enterprises index is down 176.35 points, or 1.82%. In addition, the devaluation of the renminbi continued yesterday. In this context the stock index still tenacious received red, really not easy. However, yesterday prev amplitude is only 0.38%. Two consecutive days of index volatility is extremely small, that was reminiscent of the September 8th, the stock index hit a record 0.42% amplitude, for many years, then the market is down and variable. The impression that this year has appeared several times in the extreme case, what is the cause? As brother noticed a news yesterday was reported on a ten billion private equity fund "T+0" trader team. According to reports, these agencies take the trading strategy is in the total holdings of roughly unchanged, after "T+0" to obtain income through frequent trading, buy low sell high. As brother explained here, the current A shares is the implementation of T+1 trading system, but the stock holdings in intraday high day and low price buy back, sell, the number of shares unchanged, this is the so-called "T+0" transaction. This kind of trading strategy to be successful, need a large enough amount of money, on the other hand also need a good sense of disk, and manipulator "flash orders". I believe many of my friends have experienced another kind of "T+0", it is low to sell, see prices rising hastily bought high. This will lead to a lot of stocks just a rose was selling pressure down, just fall and capital to undertake, the final result is the stock price in a relatively small range of fluctuations. In this transaction mechanism once more, it leads to A stock market "a pool of stagnant water", always do not rise up. So, A shares do not rise up, because this is really to help people "trouble" due? The T+0 transaction is prevalent, lies the root of the market itself is too weak. On the other hand, in recent years, because of limit death squads to strengthen supervision and had to find another way. It is in this context, A shares to T+0 high frequency traders living space. Many agencies lowered earnings expectations, if a transaction with T+0 to get an annual yield of 20%, they will be satisfied. In view of this brother, who is not arch-criminal, most can only be said to be "vampire". Now the A stock market, a seemingly weak body, and "vampire" has been "vampire", thus strengthened the weak symptoms, delaying the process of rehabilitation. It should be noted that, in the long term, these "vampire" is not on the market around

道达投资:股市不涨 是这帮“吸血鬼”干的? 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 你参赛你赚你拿 总能让你过把瘾   昨天(10月13日),大盘的表现比各方预料的要强,沪指小涨2.85点,以3061.35点报收,沪市成交1663.4亿元,略有放大。   之所以达哥说A股表现比预料中要强,主要是因为昨天港股又大跌了,恒指跌375.75点,跌幅达1.61%;国企指数更是下跌176.35点,跌幅达1.82%。另外,昨日人民币贬值依然持续。在这样的背景下沪指还能顽强收红,确实不太容易。   不过,昨天沪指振幅仅为0.38%。连续两天指数波幅极小,这让人又想起了9月8日,当天沪指振幅0.42%,创下多年纪录,然后大盘就向下变盘了。   印象中,今年以来已多次出现上述极端情况,究竟是什么原因导致的?达哥注意到,昨天的一则新闻对某百亿级私募基金的“T+0”操盘团队进行了报道。   据报道,这些机构采取的交易策略就是在持股总量大致保持不变的情况下,盘中进行“T+0”交易,通过频繁“高抛低吸”获取收益。达哥这里解释下,目前A 股实施的是“T+1”交易制度,但对已持有的股票,可以在盘中高价卖出、当天又低价买回,持股数量不变,这就是所谓的“T+0”交易。这种交易策略要想成 功,一方面需要资金量足够大,另一方面也需要良好的盘感,以及操盘手“闪电下单”。   相信很多朋友都经历过另一种“T+0”,那就是低位才卖 了,看到股价上涨又急忙高位买回来。这样也就导致很多个股刚一上涨就被卖盘打压下来,刚一下跌又有资金承接,最终的结果就是股价在一个相对较小的幅度内波 动。而参与这种交易的机构一旦多了,也就导致A股市场“一潭死水”,始终涨不起来。   那么,A股涨不起来,真的就是由于这帮人“捣乱”所致吗?   T+0交易之所以能盛行,根源还是在于市场本身太弱。另一方面,近年来,涨停板敢死队也因为监管加强而不得不另找出路。正是在这样的背景下,才给了A股 T+0高频交易者们的生存空间。不少机构降低了收益预期,如果通过T+0交易每年能获得20%的收益率,他们就很满足了。   在达哥看来,这帮人本身并不是罪魁祸首,最多只能说是“吸血鬼”而已。如今的A股市场,貌似一个身体偏弱的人,而“吸血鬼”又在不断“吸血”,因此强化了弱势症状,延缓了康复进程。   但需要指出的是,从长期来看,这些“吸血鬼”并不能左右大盘最终趋势。如果未来真的发动行情,他们仅仅是参与者,而不是行情的决定者。   如果你问达哥小散户能否参与T+0的高频交易,达哥想说,如果你觉得盘感够好、下手够快、稍有利润就愿意跑,那你试一试也未尝不可,但其操作难度肯定比趋势投资要大得多。   对于后市,达哥认为,A股在外部环境相对不利的情况下还能有相对较强的走势,这是超出预期的。所以,在这种情况下,虽然个人继续维持相对谨慎的观点,但如果继续持有目前四成仓位,也没什么太大问题。操作请参见文末“仓位参考”。   最后,达哥想表扬一下一位名叫“一叶知秋”的网友,他12日的日记写得非常用心,操作计划也写得很清楚,还有比较详细的感悟。我相信,如果长期坚持写日记,未来你的交易水平一定会有明显提高。   另外,在昨晚的养成日记(投资日记昨日起更名为养成日记)中,“达哥小喇叭”继续加菜,跟大家分享一篇机构研报,敬请关注。   沪深300指数仓位参考   2016年10月13日仓位:四成   今日仓位计划:若跌破半年线(2977点)百分之一,则减仓一成。   特别说明:一、本仓位是结合趋势研究设置的非实盘仓位参考,不作为买卖依据,请注意投资风险。   二、本仓位跟踪标的为沪深300指数,以实现对指数量化跟踪,避免持仓个股差异影响效果。   (张道达)   根据国家有关部门的最新规定,本手记不涉及任何操作建议,入市风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: