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The most complete living room decoration case, every place to spend a little careful thinking! Sohu living room is a place for people to sit together, chat and watch TV, and also entertain friends. In the living room decoration, spend more ideas, get together better time. The living room is quite spacious, behind the sofa position to empty, and do not want to put heavy lockers, can create a small area with the platform, make a space more sense of hierarchy. How even the walls of the restaurant is not monotonous? Decoration cabinet embedded do not have a mood. "Sit close to the sofa, cleverly cut space, but also increased the storage function. The ark of screen and floor lamp, clever collocation, express a romantic atmosphere in the living room. Living room decoration collection mural, closet, sofa cushion, carpet, curtain balcony or just coffee table…… A "Utopia" — home Utopia, a Home Furnishing O2O business platform. We are committed to building an ideal home and a lifestyle with the user. Search micro signal: wutuojia, free subscription of practical home information, decoration experience, exquisite decoration effect diagram, to be a person who understands life.

最全客厅装修案例,每一处都花一点小心思!-搜狐   客厅是一家人坐在一起聊天看电视的地方,也是招待朋友的空间。在客厅的装修上多花一点心思,相聚时刻更加美好。      ▲客厅比较宽敞,沙发后面的位置不想空着,又不想摆放笨重的储物柜,可以用梯台营造一个小区域,让空间更有层次感。      ▲小餐厅的墙面怎样才不单调?内嵌式的装饰柜别有一番情调。      ▲矮柜紧靠沙发,巧妙地隔断了空间,还增加了收纳功能。      ▲矮柜、屏风和落地灯巧妙搭配,烘托出客厅里的浪漫气氛。   客厅装修集合   壁画、橱柜收纳、沙发抱枕、地毯、窗帘阳台或者只是茶几……                                                                                       ― 关于「乌托家」―   乌托家,一个家居O2O电商平台。我们致力于和用户一起打造一个理想的家、一种自己想要的生活方式。搜索微信号:wutuojia,免费订阅实用的家居资讯、装修经验,精美装修效果图,做个懂生活的人。相关的主题文章: