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  • November 13, 2017
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Under the supervision of the storm: private like ants on a hot pan trainee reporter He Jingyi a severe regulatory storm scraping to the growing ranks of private equity. Pioneer equipment sufficient simply to the whole pack, later today can only hold together business strategy. Since 11 last month, the Commission issued a draft of internal control and information disclosure, and the trend of tightening supervision has become clearer. Private stocking wayward time gone for ever, the main melody of the new industry to become a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. Open just a week, many private and related parties directly from vacation mode switch to high-speed operation state, busy running for compliance of new regulations. How to obtain or retain qualified managers of private equity funds becomes the most anxious issue for most, especially small and new private equity. From the current point of view, in a few clear provisions of the hard standard, executives access to fund qualification, how to obtain legal advice, how to produce products as soon as possible "shell" has become the current hot spots. Two days before the Spring Festival, the fund industry association re issued heavy supervision policy "on further regulating the registration of private equity fund managers". "When the new regulations just came out, many of my group discussed in full swing, a lot of people in the new rules of some details of the question, but also can not find the answer. In the past few days, various materials have come out, many people have also asked the relevant people of the association, and gradually made clear what efforts should be made." A private company that has just been set up but has not yet got a licence. At present, they are busy preparing materials according to the new requirements, and did not delay or even give up the application because of the introduction of new regulations. A person who provides one-stop service for private placement, said, we are very concerned about whether the executives have fund qualification. There are 2 ways to obtain fund qualification: 1) the examination of basic fund, the fund law and regulation and the foundation of securities investment fund; 2) the specific door, securities base and securities investment fund which have passed the securities examination before July 2015. Other circumstances need to be re examined a fund laws and regulations. The rapid action of private placement is evidenced by the rapidly rising fund qualification examination. Recently, the appointment examination in March, the distribution of private institutions more concentrated in Shanghai, Beijing have been shown full. The fire lit up in accordance with the "law firms PB management regulations of private institutions, private institutions after registration, has not sent a private product license will be canceled and the last time node is May 1st, such as" Paul shell ", please not independent private institutions issued products as soon as possible and we need to contact the firm we can also help to introduce……" This kind of propaganda is commonplace these days. According to the public information of the association, the number of registered private equity fund managers has exceeded 1.7, accounting for 69% of the total number of registered private equity fund managers. That is to say, more than 1.7 private equity fund managers in the late August 1st of this year to issue products in order to keep the existing qualification. At present, the issue of how to determine the issue of products is still controversial, but many private equity believes that the shell is not too difficult to apply again, decisively joined the shell army. No matter the region

监管风暴之下:私募犹如热锅上的蚂蚁   见习记者 何婧怡   一场来势汹汹的监管风暴刮向日益庞大的私募队伍里。先行者装备充足只需略整行装,后来者筚路蓝缕只能抱团商策。自去年11月中基协发布内部控制、信息披露等征求意见稿之后,监管收紧的趋势愈加明朗。私募放养的任性时光一去不复返,大浪淘沙成为行业新的主旋律。   开年仅仅一周,很多私募以及关联方直接从假期模式切换到高速运转状态,忙活着研究新规,为合规奔走。如何取得或保留合格私募基金管理人资质成为多数、尤其是小型以及新晋私募最为焦虑的问题。从目前来看,在几条明确规定的硬标准中,高管是否取得基金从业资格、如何取得法律意见书、怎样尽快发产品“保壳”成为当前热点。   新规出来私募忙晕   就在春节前两天,基金业协会再发重磅监管政策《关于进一步规范私募基金管理人登记若干事项》,一时刷爆朋友圈。   “新规刚出来时,我的好多个群里讨论得热火朝天,很多人都对新规里的一些细节存在疑问,一时也找不到答案。这几天,各路解读的材料纷纷出来,很多人也去问了协会的相关人士,才渐渐明确该往哪些方面努力。”一家刚刚成立但尚未获得牌照的私募表示。目前,他们正忙着按照新的要求准备材料,并没有因为新规的推出而推迟甚至放弃申请。   一位为私募提供一站式服务的机构人士透露,大家很关心高管是否具有基金从业资格。可以获得基金从业资格的方式有:1)中基协考试,基金法律法规+证券投资基金基础;2)2015年7月以前考取证券考试的特定2门,证券基础+证券投资基金。其他情况都需再补考一门基金法律法规。私募的快速行动从迅速火爆的基金从业资格考试可见一斑。最近的3月份预约考试,私募机构分布较为集中的上海、北京均已显示报满。   火了券商PB亮了律所   “按照私募机构管理新规,私募机构注册登记后,还没有发过产品的私募牌照将会被注销,最近一个时间节点是5月1日,如需‘保壳’,请未自主发行过产品的私募机构尽快和我们联系,需要律所的我们也可帮忙介绍……”,这样的宣传这几天司空见惯。   根据协会的公开信息,已登记但未展业私募基金管理人数量超过1.7万家,占已登记私募基金管理人总量的69%。也就是说,超过1.7万家私募基金管理人最晚在今年8月1日前都需要发行产品才能保住现有的资质。目前,发行产品如何认定还存在争议,但不少私募认为壳没了再申请太难,果断加入保壳大军。   络绎不绝的私募客户乐坏了相关服务提供方。目前券商PB业务竞争激烈,而券商在各路机构中最受青睐。券商最近也是火力全开,推出各种优惠服务,甚至大幅调低托管费用。某些中小型证券公司开出的“保壳”托管费低至5000元,还推出加上其他项目的套餐,私募可灵活选择。   “这几天是挺忙的,我们都快忙不过来了,计划再招几个人。”上海一家券商营业部总经理兴奋地表示。由于私募发行100万的产品即可通过新规,他预计在今后一段时间会迎来新产品发行潮,只是规模不成正比。不过备案产品要出托管费与外包费,收入也会相当可观。   同样受益于新规的还有不少律师事务所。新规规定私募基金管理人在备案时需要专业的律师出具法律意见书,不少律所瞄准背后的商机,已针对私募基金的法务需求开展专项服务,单份法律意见书报价多在5万元左右。   目前,依据中基协给出的指引,并没有对出具法律意见的律师的资格进行限定,只是出具法律意见的律师需要对证券相关法律法规熟悉,了解监管规则。不过,中基协在《私募基金管理人登记法律意见书指引》也说明“将在私募基金管理人登记公示信息中列明出具《法律意见书》的经办执业律师信息及律师事务所名称”,这意味着律师也会被纳入监管。   从目前来看,在几条明确规定的硬标准中,高管是否取得基金从业资格、如何取得法律意见书、怎样尽快发产品“保壳”成为当前热点。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: