finally closed at 18918 points 黑龙江科技大学怎么样

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The Hang Seng Index: Macquarie is expected to start bottoming market outlook or optimistic Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong stocks through Hong Kong stocks level2 market mechanism cards Monday ushered in the oversold bounce, the Hong Kong stock market last week ahead of the mainland A shares complex, the two trading days fell nearly 1000 tired, monkey years can be described as a negative start. The reason is mainly due to the negative impact of the European and American stock markets tumbled during the Spring Festival, of which European shares fell to two and a half lows, and U.S. stocks also plunged again, and the supremacy of Friday was stabilized. After the plunge, Hong Kong stocks rebound followed, HSI Monday tiaokonggaokai 349 points, after the increase has expanded more than 600 points, all day long remained high, finally closed at 18918 points, up 598.56 points, or 3.27%, turnover of HK $66 billion 400 million. The state-owned enterprises index closed at 7863 points, up 358.47 points, or 4.78%. Review of the two trading days last week, mainly follow the external market plunge on Friday was refreshed for three and a half years low to 18279 points. Large city trading, the average daily turnover of about 66 billion Hong Kong dollars, reflecting the capital dare not rush hunters. However, in the derivative market, the funds show an active situation. Hong Kong stocks fell under the city, HSI long positions in February 11th and 12 in two trading days, the cumulative net inflow of about HK $140 million to deploy, short positions is about 110 million net outflow of funds cash. A week before the holiday (February 1st to 5), volatility index (VHSI) and the lowest is 24.8 in February 2nd, followed by the rise, big city city week in steep decline, the index on Friday (12 days) has risen to 36, an increase of 11.2 point amplitude. If there is a period for investors to participate in the market, the implied volatility of purchased higher HSI subscription card, on behalf of the ticket costs rise, investors need to pay special attention to the risks of volatility fell. In addition, on Thursday fell in the city, the cattle permit a net inflow of more funds, amounted to HK $66 million 120 thousand. The recent CBBC by investors, because of the impact of the price volatility is slight, especially in high winds and waves of the market, this advantage can help reduce the risk of. However, the unique recovery mechanism of ox and bear certificates also needs to be paid attention to. The outlook of the Hong Kong stock market outlook, the previous rebound blocked 20 antenna about 19700 points near the bottom, last week retreated to 18000 points, although significantly rebounded Monday, but the short-term market is still optimistic about the unspeakable, need to continue to observe the external market. U.S. stocks fell last week, the NASDAQ and S & P fell through after 2 months late lows. In the past week, international crude oil prices have gone down, New York oil fell back to below $27 a barrel, which made the market significant pressure. Last week, Federal Reserve Yellen’s congressional testimony passed doves signals, expressed a cautious attitude towards the global economy, and claimed that the United States did not exclude the possibility of negative interest rates, which further exacerbated investors’ worries. On Friday, crude oil prices rebounded by more than 12%, boosting U.S. stocks following the rise, and the weekly decline in the three indexes narrowed. However, whether short-term oil prices bottomed out, still need to be observed, investor sentiment generally cautious in the background, U.S. stocks or unable to shake off the pattern of weak shocks. Recent Aesthetics

麦格理:恒指有望展开筑底行情 后市或乐观 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   港股周一迎来超跌反弹,上周港股大市先于内地A股复市,恒指两个交易日累跌近千点,猴年可谓开局不利。究其原因,主要是受春节期间欧美股市重挫负面影响,其中欧股一度跌至两年半低位,美股亦再次探底,至上周五方有所企稳。急跌过后,港股跟随外围反弹,恒指周一跳空高开349点,后升幅曾扩大逾600点,全天均维持高位运行,终收报18918点,上涨598.56点,涨幅3.27%,成交664亿港元。国企指数收报7863点,上涨358.47点,涨幅4.78%。   回顾恒指上周两个交易日情况,主要是跟随外围市场急跌,上周五曾刷新三年半低位至18279点。大市交投方面,日均成交约660亿港元,反映资金不敢贸然抄底。不过在衍生市场方面,资金呈现活跃态势。港股大跌市下,恒指好仓于2月11日及12日两个交易日,累积有约1.4亿港元净流入部署,淡仓则有约1.1亿资金净流出套现。   假期前的一周(2月1日至5日),恒指波幅指数(VHSI)最低点为2月2日的24.8,其后逐日上升,大市上周复市急跌后,该指数上周五(12日)已升至36,升幅达11.2个波幅点。期间若有投资者参与入市,以较高的引伸波幅购入恒指认购证,则代表其入场成本上升,后市需特别留意引伸波幅下跌带来的风险。此外,在上周四的跌市中,恒指牛证出现较多资金净流入,达6612万港元。近期牛熊证受投资者关注,因为其价格受引伸波幅的影响较轻微,尤其在风高浪急的市况下,这优点有助降低风险。然而,牛熊证独有的收回机制亦需要重点留意。   展望港股后市,恒指此前反弹受阻20天线约19700点附近,上周探底退守18000点关,周一虽然大幅弹升,但短期市况仍难言乐观,需继续观察外围市场走势。美国股市上周下挫,纳指及标普均跌穿了此前2月中下旬的低点。过去一周,国际原油价格跌势不止,纽约期油一度跌回每桶27美元以下,令市场显著承压。上周美联储耶伦的国会证词传递出鸽派信号,表达了对全球经济谨慎态度,并声称美国不排除采取负利率的可能,更进一步加剧了投资者忧虑情绪。   至上周五,原油价格技术性反弹逾12%,提振美股跟随弹升,三大指数周跌幅有所收窄。但是,短期油价是否见底,仍需要观察,投资者情绪普遍偏谨慎的背景下,美股或无法摆脱弱势震荡格局。近期美国经济数据方面好坏参半,1月非农新增人口逊预期,但失业率及薪资水平向好,1月零售销售按月增0.2%,好于预期,则一定程度缓和了市场悲观情绪。本周美股市场,除了继续关注原油价格走势,美联储官员的讲话,及1月美国CPI、PPI通胀数据需要重点留意,这关乎美联储加息节奏。   内地A股节前曾走出一波小幅反弹行情,本周一走势低开高走,反映大市逐渐呈现出抗跌性。近期人民币汇率逐渐企稳回升,加上投资者憧憬未来的政策利好,或有助于A股市况回暖。   整体来说,外围市场偏弱,港股亦处于弱势格局之中。短期而言,恒指若能围绕19000点附近反复筑底,后市行情或能乐观一些。而若市况再次转差,则或退守18000点。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: